Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our local winter wonderland

On Saturday we awoke to the most glorious day - clear blue skies, crisp air (maybe crisp is an understatement - I think it was a lovely minus 10 when we left the house!) and WHITE! White, white everywhere...

And not just snow - but a frozen pond, only a couple of minutes walk from our house!!!

It was perfect for some schaatsen...

Mr Oliver was happy to get out of his pram and watch what was going on - toboggans, skaters, pets and families all out and about making the most of the cold snap...

My legs are sore and aching today - it's been a loooong time since I last used my skates, but... I can't wait to go back for another skate this afternoon!!!


  1. Hey Lu,
    I heard you were having a major cold snap in Europe. So glad you can put it to good use :-)
    You'll have to do some skating for those of us who are melting in Aus.

  2. Yup, it seems to have hit everywhere here (I think we had temps of -17 on the weekend!!!). Mum was telling me this morning how hot it is in Qld at the moment - except for the ice skating, I think I'd quite happily swap this cold snap for some warm weather :) Hope you had a great time in Melbourne!

  3. Hey Lu,
    Yeah, Melbourne was awesome!! The course I did was really good, and it was great to meet heaps of people at it.
    I went to the Queen Victoria Night Markets one night, they were soooo good, thousands of people and so much food, it had a great atmosphere. I did some shopping as well, and got to have a bit of a look around. There was a DFO across from the uni, which was good to check out. But Melbourne really did have all 4 seasons in one day, boiling hot, freezing cold, rain, and then pleasant...
    Oh, and they have Zara too...I wish we had it in Brissy :-)
    Have a great day, and stay warm,


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