Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A bit of birthday fun

Somehow another year has gone by - it only feels like yesterday that I put together this to celebrate Mitch's last birthday before Mr Oliver came along, yet March was here again before we knew it! After a stressful end to the week, we both felt like a low key day so had a relaxing time celebrating another year closer to retirement at home. On Friday I faced my fear of MESS and Mr Oliver got in touch with his artistic side...

He loved squishing his feet in the paint - the source of many giggles! And although we ended up with paint EVERYWHERE, it wasn't as messy as I was expecting (now that he's getting older, I can't wait to do more crafty things together!).

I think he was pretty proud of his masterpiece!

Pancake Sunday was moved to Saturday in honor of the birthday boy...

And the rest of the day was spent just hanging out and enjoying each others company!

Oh... And my Milo tin cake experiment? Well, my red velvet layer cake ended up being on a bit of a lean, but it was delicious! 

Given the choice, I'd definitely choose a proper cake tin but my 1.2kg Milo tin worked a treat this time around. I wonder what March 3 has in store next year?

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  1. Milo tin cake looks like a good family sized cake. Nice effort without your cake tin! Looks like you guys had a nice day.


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