Saturday, March 3, 2012

Limbo land...

It's felt a little like our life is on hold lately. All our belongings have been packed and shipped to the USA from both here and Australia and we are basically living out of suitcases (well, we still have the basic necessities because our place came furnished, but it just doesn't feel like our home anymore). I'm busy, almost hectic at times with all the pre-move things to be done yet some days it feels like I have nothing at all to do. Trips into town no longer have the same appeal seeing as we have already filled our suitcases to the brim and I just don't have room for another thing. There are so many ideas I have of things to make and do but honestly, a lot of it just feels pointless while we are living in limbo land. So I have to say, I've become pretty good at 'making do' lately...

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE to bake... I was craving a baked cheesecake the other week but without my trusty cheesecake tins, I was stuck. After a little too much time browsing pinterest however, I came across this recipe... Cheesecake CUPCAKES - finally, a solution to my craving! Out of all of my baking goods that were sent, I held onto a muffin tin. And boy am I glad I did! I've made these little beauties twice now and they are a winner. I haven't managed to take a photo either time though - they've just been eaten far too quickly...

Another thing we've been 'making do' with is Oliver's toys. Babies only get a 10kg allowance on flights so we had to choose carefully what toys we kept and shipped. Ollie gets bored pretty easily and his limited selection hasn't proven all that entertaining. I've now discovered that there are simple alternatives that keeps him happily playing away for more then a minute at a time - a plastic water bottle filled with macaroni... Homemade edible fingerprint... A big bowl of sudsy water and containers for dipping... And his favorite by far - a large plastic bowl filled with his bowls and bibs and other plastic goodies to empty and fill, over and over again. It's amazing how the simple things can entertain!

Books are another limited item. I've been trying to rid myself of my speed reading habits and read each and every word on a page while Oliver has been enjoying the same 3 stories time and time again - thankfully he doesn't mind repetitive storylines (he's more interested in chewing his socks then reading half the time!)... There's only so many spins either of us can put on The Gruffalo and I am sooooo looking forward to getting all his books out again!

I'm also learning how to live without a car - yep, the little red car finally sold! Although it was mostly just a weekend car (I love my bike and try to ride or walk where I can), it's been a little frustrating because sometimes there is just no 'making do' without a car, especially in a country where it rains seemingly all the time... Bring on the Californian sunshine I say :-)

Making do... I'm discovering that there are a lot of alternatives to things but I really can't wait to be settled in and not in limbo land anymore. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to make a birthday cake sans cake tin for a certain someone turning 28 tomorrow... I'm thinking of making do with an oversized Milo tin based on something I saw online... We'll see how that one goes!


  1. Hey Lu,
    How are you? It must be weird being 'in-between' like that. It's great that you got to see so much of flatland while you were there.
    Those mini cheesecakes sound delicious, I had a look at the recipe and they look really really good.
    Everything here is hot and humid at the moment, but I have sunflowers in my garden that are gorgous.
    Have a great day,

  2. Hey Selina! I'm doing ok thanks - bit stressed out at the moment with the usual last minute visa dash but hopefully it'll all sort itself out. You should definitely try out the cheesecake cupcakes, they are sooo yum and really quick to make too. Enjoy the warm weather, I hear it's been really wet in Qld lately too? Have a great week :)


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