Monday, March 12, 2012

Our final Dutch day out - the Efteling

A day trip to the Efteling last week was probably our final little road trip here in the Netherlands. Friends had been telling us about this theme park (designed entirely by Dutch artist Anton Pieck) for the past year but I didn't want to go while I was pregnant - really, who wants to go to a theme park and not be able to go on the rides?!?! So, it wasn't until our last few weeks before leaving that we organised a day out at the Dutch Disneyland. It was a cold, overcast Monday - might sound depressing but it meant that the park was nearly empty! We managed to avoid the usual crowds and enjoy the experience without the rest of the country.

The Efteling has a fairy tale theme and even though it's catered towards small children, both Mitch and I really enjoyed it (I am a kid at heart!!!). We wandered through the interactive fairy tale forest...

... where there were a few fairytales we'd never heard of - tell me, what is the story of the donkey that poops gold coins?!?!

Took a ride on a steam carousel...

Went on some baby friendly rides (along the lines of the 'it's a small world' ride at Disneyland), I thought Mr Oliver might be scared at some of the loud noises but no, he had a blast as usual...

And we even got to leave Ollie with our friends while Mitch and I let loose on some of the rollercoasters... Including a WOODEN rollercoaster!!! It was actually way better then the loop the loop, fancy upside down rollercoaster... Perhaps because of the fear of being on a wooden structure, I don't know???

It was a lovely day out - a special theme park indeed, somewhere that I hope to take Mr Oliver back to when he is a little older :-)

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