Thursday, March 29, 2012

Too easy

What a week...

Day 1: After a long day in transit, we arrived and picked up our rental car and drove to our temporary corporate housing - all prebooked courtesy of Mitch's new job. So much easier then having to find our own accommodation like in previous moves!

Day 2: Pick up bank cards. Start searching online for cars and rental properties; all without the need for google translate. Do some grocery shopping - other then the overwhelming size of the stores, it's so much more simple now with all labels being in English.

Day 3: Test drive the 2 models of cars we had in mind - didn't take many miles to figure out what brand was going to suit our needs best. Go to a VW dealer. Find the car we want. Bargain with dealer... Hello, new (ish - it's second hand but feels brand new to us!) car!!! It might be considered a compact SUV over here but boy, it feels like driving a (very smooth) truck after the teeny tiny Peugeot!

Day 4: Start viewing rental properties and exploring suburbs we are looking to live in. Quickly figure out where we DON'T want to live. Put in a couple of applications - rental market here is very competitive and as we are waiting on our social security numbers and have no credit history in this country, finding a landlord/agency who will agree to take us on may be challenging.

Day 5: View many more properties and find our ideal home - a wooden 3 bedroom house that has just been renovated...

Day 6: ACCEPTED!!! Sign lease and pick up keys.

In less then a week, we have not only bought a car but found a home! It's unbelievable. Mitch took 3 weeks off in between jobs to accomplish this but we did it so much quicker then expected. I keep saying to Mitch - surely something is going to go wrong soon, life in the USA is just seeming a little too easy right now... Here's hoping our shipments arrive safe and sound so we can actually move in! 


  1. Yaaay!!! That is awesome news, love the photo of your cute new home :D

  2. looks great LU! I hope you guys are settling in well! :)) artine


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