Friday, April 13, 2012

The city!!!

Finally - SAN FRANCISCO!!! This has been a long time coming - Mitch and I have been wanting to go to San Francisco & the west coast of the USA in general for years. Years and years and years but it has just never worked out. To have the opportunity to not only visit San Francisco, but live so close by in Silicon Valley is huge for us. We had been wanting to go into the city ever since arriving in March but the first chance we got wasn't until early this month - in fact, on my 27th birthday :-)

We caught the Caltrain into the city - hmmm, something that could be interesting if I'm going in on my own as it's not easy getting a pram up those stairs - and then spent the day just wandering around at a relaxed pace. 

There were pretty buildings...

Steep streets (a shock to the legs after Flatland!)...

Cable cars...

Historic streetcars - Oliver had the entire streetcar of passengers PLUS the driver laughing. Our boy is a social butterfly, that's for sure...


Noisy locals at Pier 39...

A happy baby... He is just loving the sunshine and being outside so much more!

Local specialties - clam chowder in a sourdough bowl, mmmmm...


The famous bridge... In the distance - we didn't have the energy to walk quite that far...

And it was topped off perfectly with a visit to a Ben & Jerry's stall and a ride on a cable car up the steep streets. The ride took place after an hour in the lines, but I'm glad we've done it - never again though!

I couldn't believe what a big city it was. We were out for 9 hours but it felt like we only caught a glimpse of the city. There are so many different districts that are still to be explored - I can't wait to go back again!

San Francisco, you have stolen my heart already :-)


  1. Looks lovely! Can't wait to come for a visit!

  2. Hey Lu,
    It looks like a great place to visit. So glad you finally got there. And Happy Belated Birthday too.
    I am off to Buderim for the weekend, hoping the weather stays nice.

  3. Tiff - we are looking forward to that tooooo!!! :D

    Selina - Thanks for the b'day wishes :) Enjoy your weekend in Buderim, I hope you get in some beach time :D


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