Thursday, April 19, 2012

Language learning

Fahrenheit. Pennies. Nickels. Dimes. Gallons. Ounces. Miles. Yards. Inches... Ugh.

My poor brain is a little overwhelmed - I'm learning an entirely new language here. When we found out we were moving to the USA, my immediate thought was along the lines of YAY ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY!!!! As I've discovered though, I haven't actually escaped having to learn a new 'language' - and I'm getting the mathematical side of my brain functioning again. I'm also learning lots of new words in general.  It's not bathroom, it's restroom. It's not nappy, it's diaper. Cot? No, it's a crib. And I could go on... 

The accent is also starting to rub off a little. Just a little - mostly in my head, I'm thinking with an accent already. I've also discovered that the Siri thingo on my phone won't work unless it's spoken to with a fake American accent so am getting in some practice much to my own amusement - and Mitch has also shamefully admitted he's now saying certain words in a more American manner at work. He can pull it off though - he can get Siri to work, I'm still getting the I don't understand you response. Modern technology hey - and boy, do we live in tech land right here!

I'm loving it though - the Californian life seems to be agreeing with us quite well so far. Mind you, I am saying G'day as much as possible to counteract any possible long term effects. When the novelty of this wears off, I might put on my best occa Aussie accent and resort to randomly mentioning some shrimps and barbies. I won't mention a thong though - seems it has quite a different meaning over here!!!

Ahhh... The joys of learning a new language huh :-)


  1. this! I always enjoyed talking with you and Jamie for the same reason.....a whole different English language and spelling of some words too!

  2. Hey Lu,
    That is really quite funny!! Do you think Oliver will end up with an American accent?
    Glad you are settling in,
    Much luv,

  3. You know Kristina, it never occurred to me at the time that things Jaime and I said would be different for you! It's funny how being here now has opened up my eyes a little more :) Same language but oh so different at the same time!

    Selina I am thinking the accent is going to be inevitable... But - so long as he says MUM, I'll be ok :) I saw a lady at the supermarket a couple of weeks ago - an Aussie with a little boy and he was speaking with an American accent and I was thinking that'll be Ollie before we know it!


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