Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little trooper

I need to take a moment to say it - I am so proud of our little man :-) Over the past month, we have not only taken him away from his home and everything familiar to him, but we have also spent almost every single day since arriving out and about. Hopping in and out of the car and pram all day long is exhausting for a baby, but our little guy is such a trooper and has just taken it all in his stride. He has handled this change like a champ - he's always been a pretty flexible baby but I have to say, this move has gone so much smoother then I was expecting. It's not to say it's been smiles all the time (although he does get a lot of attention everywhere we go!) and as we've discovered, it takes longer to get things done with Oliver wanting all our attention, but he's just such a relaxed and easy going little guy. His sunny little personality is shining through more brightly each day - Mumma and Dadda are so proud of you Oliver John :-) You truly are our little globetrotter!

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