Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vancouver: the result of the visa saga

Visa... A four letter word that makes me shudder every single time I hear it. I had thought that with our visa process being handled by attorneys it would be pain free but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Without harping on about it (we have told the story way too many times!) the easiest solution to our dilemma ended up being a brief visit to Canada and back in order to leave and then re-enter the country under our proper visas. Strangely enough, USA customs is actually IN Vancouver airport, so technically we entered the states before we had even boarded our plane!

Although a beach resort in Mexico would've been lovely, I chose to go to Vancouver as it was the shortest international flight from SFO and honestly, after all the flying we've done lately (Mr Oliver has already done more then 60 hours in his 7 1/2 months) I couldn't face another loooong flight. So - Vancouver it was!!!

We only had roughly 24 hours in the country and I have to say, it was the first time I have NOT wanted to go overseas. I know I shouldn't complain about an all expenses paid trip, but... We were just settling in to life in California and it felt frustrating to have to up and leave already, even if it was for a short time. For once I hadn't done my research on what there is to see and do and we just wandered leisurely around the city and parklands, which was kind of nice considering the gloomy weather.

Vancouver seems to be the city to fly into if you are looking to head to the major ski resorts. If we had more time (and our snow gear) it would've been great to see some of the Canadian countryside, but considering we are planning a trip to Canada one day, I'm not too worried - we'll get there, eventually! There are some lovely mountains that you can see from the city centre, unfortunately the only time the clouds cleared Mitch didn't have the camera with us! Despite our reluctance to go, it still ended up being a nice weekend away. We got to stay at a lovely hotel, catch up with a friend from Australia who just happened to be in the city that night, and well - we got to visit a new country.

I suppose a city break in Canada isn't toooooo bad of a result of the frustrating visa saga?!?!


  1. It was great to see you and Oliver in Vancouver. Did you manage to go the whole trip without using cash?

  2. We sure did! I thought we'd have to visit an ATM the next day when buying a single banana for Oliver's breakfast at a 7-eleven, but apparently cards can be used for any amount - it's feeling like a cashless society over here...


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