Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Friday!

World Market, you just made my day!!!

One of our neighbours is Australian and his wife had told me about this store that sells some Australian products. I went in to buy Milo but came out with a bag full of Dutch & Aussie goodies!

Not only did they sell all these yummy treats, there was also an abundance of Darrell Lea licorice, Dutch licorice, Swiss chocolate, Belgian beers, speculoos/laas and I could go on... The only thing missing was Milo! And a bottle of Stroop.... 

Although I normally try to limit the amount of salt in Oliver's and my diet, seeing as I just made this exciting buy I couldn't help but give him a sample of a smear of Vegemite on toast at lunch time. I think it was curiosity on my part mostly to see what he thought of this Aussie sandwich spread. It's something that I think you need to grow up on to love, it's not really an acquired taste. 

He started chowing down his bread as per usual...

Pulled a few interesting faces when he first tasted the Vegemite...

Then those Aussie genes kicked in and voila - he was a happy little Vegemite munching away!!!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Hey Lu (+Mitch)

    Noah says, "Oliver is soooo funny!" Byron loved watching the video too. Transfixed, pointing, watching with glee.

    Have fun!


  2. Hehe Noah we agree! I can't wait to see our boys play together - now that Oliver is a bit older, I think him and Byron will have great fun chasing each other around!


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