Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mum / Mère / Moeder / Mom

We've lived in a few countries now and I can proudly say the word mother in each language. It wasn't until the 16th of August 2011 however that I really began to understand this word. It's one thing to be a daughter, it's another to actually become a mother.

Prior to Oliver's arrival, I was never really the maternal type. I always wanted a family of my own eventually, but I've never been the type of person who gushes over a newborn baby although that has changed a bit nowadays. I often wondered if those maternal instincts would kick in when I had a child of my own. But from that cold, rainy morning in December of 2010, when we finally saw those 2 pink lines appear, I knew my worries were for nothing. I can honestly say that from that moment I felt such a fierce and protective love for my baby, long before we were honored with his arrival.

My first nine months of motherhood have been quite a journey. I never imagined myself having our first baby in a foreign country, but much to my surprise it just felt like the perfect timing to start a family. It's certainly not easy being so far from family and friends, especially as we really have no idea what we're doing as first time parents and just make it up as we go along - but it's worth every second of it to have this precious little boy.

Being a Mum truly is a full time job. It's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no coffee breaks. There are no holidays. I have ongoing deadlines - feeding, nappies and new projects constantly surfacing - teething being a major one that crops up when we least expect it. But you know what... I wouldn't change it for the world. Career wise, I've floundered in the past. Yes, I enjoyed my job but did I find it fulfilling? Not really. I feel like since becoming a Mum, I've found my purpose. My passion. My place in this big world. Being a Mum is a job paid in sloppy baby kisses, gorgeous grins and babble. Every night, even after a challenging day, Mitch and I sit down together after Ollie is in bed and I can guarantee that one of us will smile and exclaim, ohhhhhhh... how did we get such a cute baby! Oliver John, you just melt your Mumma's heart and make me smile every day. I'm in no hurry to rush back for seconds because I want time to enjoy my baby boy but... He's just so awesome he makes us want to have a big family!

Mothers should be applauded everywhere - I find it disheartening to hear fellow Mums say 'I'm just a Mum' because being a Mum truly is the hardest job in the world... The hardest, but also the most rewarding. So - to my own precious mother and all the wonderful Mums I know... Happy Mothers Day for 2012 :-)


  1. I couldn't have put it better!! Happy Mother's day :)

  2. Thanks ladies, I had a lovely first mothers day!

    Happy mothers day to you too Amanda :)


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