Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Around here...

Blogging has really slipped my mind lately; it's been a tiring couple of weeks. But life goes on and it's busy as per usual with a gorgeous little boy keeping me on my toes - here's a little of what's been going while I've been absent...

Dummy weaning.... 9 months old and we are now DUMMY FREE!!! Woo hoo!!! After Mr Oliver started waking with the expectation that we would rush to his cot and pop the so called pacifier back in his mouth when he couldn't find it in the dark, it seemed to lose its purpose. So, the painful process of dummy weaning began. He only had it for naps by this point anyway but still, it feels like such a great achievement to have it gone! Although his nights still leave a lot to be desired, he is putting himself to sleep consistently for his naps & bedtime without even a tear - well done big boy!

Having our first USA visitors... I love having people come stay and this past week we had some extended family visit for a few days. It was so lovely catching up and doing some sightseeing together - including a visit to the JELLY BELLY factory, yum! Unfortunately it coincided with a work trip for Mitch so I think we're going to have to go back considering I'm not even the big Jelly Belly fan in our family!

Exploring some more of the city to our north... A picnic with friends in the beautiful Golden Gate park is a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon!

Oliver learning to drink out of a big boy cup... Sometimes though it's more appealing to use it for hand washing apparently...

Doing some sightseeing of our own... A mini road trip on a rainy long weekend down south to Monterey. Thanks to the weather, we spent the day indoors but this wasn't a bad thing - the Monterey aquarium is fantastic! Oliver particularly enjoyed the seahorses and jelly fish exhibits.

Sewing... Yup, I finally got brave enough to use the scary black box - both my Janome and I survived, nothing blew up and I got some gifts done for a triple baby shower.

And watching our baby boy develop in leaps and bounds, I love the curious little boy he is becoming but wonder where my tiny baby has gone?!?! Mr Oliver is pulling himself up, standing alone for a few seconds at a time, commando crawling backwards (and consequently ending up wedged under the couch most of the time), scooting on his bottom and has even learnt how to ride his little car - again, backwards. I wonder what direction he will go when he learns to walk???


  1. Love the first photo! Such a handsome little guy!

  2. so cute lu! love to skype soon - have tried a couple of times but we haven't been on at the same time! love lots, Martine

  3. Naw he is handsome isn't he :-) (I am a bit biased but I sure think so!)

    Tia lets skype soon! I haven't been on in the afternoon lately but should be around this week. Hope you and Junior are doing well, not long now!!!


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