Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello, summer

The weather has been a little bit funny the last couple of weeks. After a few patches of hot 30+deg weather, it went back to being colder then what Brisbane is currently experiencing in winter. And it's SUMMER here :-( But much to my delight, it feels like summer has finally arrived - I only hope it is here to stay.

Seeing as the beach is always too cold for swimming, a picnic at a local park seemed to be the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the season...

Our little man had a blast! He just loves being outdoors.

Here's to many more picnics and outdoor activities this year... I just love summer!!!


  1. hey Lu! the park picnic looked relaxing!! We have had pretty cold weather this last week for Brisbane :)) I hope your all well. Dan and the boys are sick, so we are taking things easy!

    Love lots, Martine

  2. I just love the one of Mitch and Oliver! YEAH for summer!

  3. Oh no, not still sick! Hope the boys are on the mend quickly Tia, talk to you again soon xo

    Kristina I reckon you guys have been getting hotter weather in Holland (judging by photos I've seen) then here!!!! Crazy!!! Soooo happy we finally have summer too :-)

  4. Hey Lu,
    That looks like fun, so nice to be outside.
    Enjoy your warm weather,

  5. Thanks Selina, hope you are doing well :)


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