Monday, June 25, 2012

Splish splash!

Last weekend was a scorcher. I don't know what temperature it got up to during the day but at 11pm it was still almost 30deg out so it must have been pretty stinking hot during the day! We decided to have a quiet day at home and try to keep cool with a kiddie wading pool for Mr Oliver. The toy store was absolutely nuts that morning with everyone out buying slip 'n slides and pools but there was still something left that was just right for Mr Oliver.

He got into his new swimmers...

We filled the pool and kicked back with a cold drink, our feet in the pool and watched Ollie have fun in the water! 

He loves trying new things and had a blast splish-splashing around! 

The little guy has since started swimming lessons and he is loving it, he floats around the pool with me on his tummy practicing his kicking, grinning at everyone and happily shouting DADAD DAD DAD!!! Oh how I love my water baby :-)

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