Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally - the great outdoors!!!

When Mitch, Ollie and I moved to California we had visions of ourselves getting back into hiking and camping every weekend - all the outdoorsy stuff we love but didn't have many opportunities to do in Holland. My sister had a great hiking backpack for Ollie sent over with our stuff, we had all our camping gear shipped and of course our hiking boots go everywhere with us, but....

... it was a long four and a half months after arriving before we got around to doing anything in the great outdoors!!! Yesterday we made the trek up to Muir Woods in an attempt to get back into the hiking groove and trial the backpack.

Muir Woods is an easy day trip from the city and by the end of our hike, the boardwalk was teeming with tour groups. There are a couple of round trip trails off the main track which we were planning on doing but with both being partially closed due to slides, our hike was cut a little short. This wasn't a bad thing though - since I'm designated Ollie transporter, a short hike was a good introduction to how to manage the little boy. He loves trees (seriously - he talks to the tree outside our living room window all day) so he was a pretty happy little guy. Plus, he had a never ending supply of crackers, a book to read and Mumma's hair to play with - what more does a mini hiker need?

But it wasn't just the little man that was enjoying the scenery - these mighty redwoods are a beautiful sight indeed...

Makes you feel kinda insignificant, doesn't it?


  1. We enjoyed the Muir Woods too. It is hard to even do some of those trees any justice through a picture....they are just soooooo HUGE!

  2. I reckon! I thought they were pretty enormous but then we get home and Mitch is like, yep - big trees but I was expecting bigger... HUH!?! Don't know what kind of mammoth tree he was imagining lol.


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