Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A much needed weekend getaway - Lake Tahoe

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go away for the weekend. Although we've done a little sightseeing here and there since we've arrived, we've mostly been homebodies and just taking it easy while settling into life in a new country. After a few months of limited travel, my feet were itching pretty badly to get out somewhere new and with Mitch not being as convinced as I am of Oliver's need to visit Disneyland at the tender age of 11mths ;-), we decided on nearby Lake Tahoe!

Wow. With the snow capped Sierra Nevadas, crystal clear waters and a really family friendly atmosphere, I instantly fell in love with this rather large lake that spans two states. 

We went swimming at 8,200 feet...

Enjoyed some absolutely glorious scenery while driving around the lake...

And we even managed to get in a family shot or two! (although, a certain little someone would not look at the camera!)

We all had a great time but Mr Oliver just seemed to be having the most fun - from chattering away to the kids at the next table at dinner (it felt like we were on a date! Yay for other kids keeping our boy entertained!) to crawling around in the sand at the beach, I don't think he stopped smiling and babbling the entire weekend.

With the craziness of the current weeks (ie husband working like a mad man, thank you busy time at work), I'm so glad we took the chance to get away while we could. It was a much needed getaway - but I have to say, a weekend certainly wasn't enough at Tahoe and I can't wait to get back to the picturesque lake for some snow play this winter!

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