Saturday, July 28, 2012


With his first birthday coming up in just a few weeks, Oliver got his very first (and last for some time) taste of sugar last weekend... Yep, we did a cake smash!

The scene was set...

And the little man was ready for some cake smashing! He was a bit delicate at first (yes, I had have to shove my hand in the cake a couple of times to give him the general idea)...

But it didn't take long for the fun to begin!!!

I think he had fun - what do you reckon? 


  1. Looks like a blast! And such a beautiful cake and scene for photos. A memory to treasure!

  2. Ahhh!! He is hilarious Lu!! What funny little faces he makes!

    Absolutely love the idea of the Birthday Month - it's really lovely :) xo maureen

  3. Thanks ladies, it was heaps of fun - although I can see why people get them done in pro studios not their living room floors cos a week later and I still can't seem to get rid of all the grease!

    Someone told me about the birthday month series awhile back Maureen and I thought it was a good idea too - it gives me some motivation to get more regular photos of Ollie because it seems the older he gets, the less we take! Hope you're enjoying the Olympics, good time of year to live in London I reckon!

  4. I LOVE every picture! What a great memory to share with Oliver someday. He def. has very talented parents between baking, sewing, and photography. I agree that the birthday month blog idea is very cute! I enjoy seeing what he's up to everyday.

  5. Naww thanks Kristina :) Hope you guys are settling in well x


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