Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today, this handsome little man turns ONE! Wow. It's hard to believe that it was a whole year ago that our 68 hour effort to get him into this world came to an end and he was finally snug in my arms. I honestly don't know how we got to this point already - from this sleepy little newborn...

... to this super smiley, inquisitive and chilled out bubba boy! 

Some random facts about the birthday boy...

- Oliver loves his greens. Seriously - the kid can't get enough of them. Give him a plate of food and he will instantly overlook the meat and head straight for the broccoli. However, if given the choice between greens and fruit, fruit is always a winner. He loves it so much that if he sees me eating fruit and he's not, he goes into meltdown mode.

- Oliver's first word was Mama but now he really only says it when he's upset. It's Daddy/Dada/Dadad. In the week prior to his first birthday, he also started with a variety of other words - dog, nana (banana), down and something that resembled granny. Down quickly progressed into 'get down' (whilst pointing outside = take me out for a walk!) and 'good job'. Two x two word sentences by one year old; I am one proud Mumma!

- Oliver has a 'bogan leg'. Or at least that's what we have termed it. Whenever he is in his stroller, his left leg hangs over the side, bopping along. 

- Oliver loves loves LOVES hopping in bed with Mumma and Dadda in the morning. He snuggles in close and puts his arm around me. If we nod back off, we are usually woken up by a smiling boy in our faces trying to plant big sloppy kisses wherever he can.

- Oliver grinds his teeth for entertainment. UGH!!! It's like fingernails on a blackboard to my ears.

- Oliver already has a little best friend. I didn't know babies could have preferences so early on but apparently they can, and I have to say - they are so cute chasing each other around, banging their heads together for fun and well, Ollie is already the flirt - kisses aren't just reserved for his Mumma...

- Oliver once ate a toilet brush :-( (all baby kisses were avoided for the rest of the day).

- Even before his first birthday, Oliver had literally flown around the world, visited 7 countries and clocked up 80+ hours of international flights. He truly is our little globetrotter.

- Oliver has the best laugh! He has a lot of ticklish spots and can be set into fits of gorgeous giggles very easily. He also thinks the book 'Spot loves his Daddy' is very funny and starts chuckling away at certain pages when he is reading by himself. He also tends to laugh at older kids at lot - he thinks seeing them running around at the park is hilarious!

- Incase it's not obvious enough from his photos, Oliver STILL doesn't have a whole lot of hair. Seeing as he's a hat Houdini, I still have to sunscreen his little baldy head. I like to pretend he has lots of hair though and give him post bath mohawks with that little bit of fuzz on top.

- Oliver LOVES feet. When he was a few months younger, he would always greet a new baby by attempting to nibble on their feet. He also likes the taste of his own cute little toes and finds it entertaining to remove his socks with his teeth. Now he's crawling, his favourite pastime is to sneak up on us while we are sitting unsuspecting at the kitchen table and begin gnawing on our toes. It tends to get a little out of control when he is teething and I have to resort to wearing slippers for my own protection.

- Oliver rolled at 4.5 months, sat unassisted at 6.5 months, pulled himself up to stand at 9 months, commando crawled at around 10 months, crawled on all fours at 11 months and is yet to start walking. He loves pushing his pram around or walking holding onto our fingers but I'm quite happy for him to delay the walking for a little while longer yet... My baby is growing up too quickly!

- Oliver has a few very particular aversions: (1) Singlets (2) Short sleeve t-shirts (3) Long sleeve t-shirts (4) Sweaters (5) Jackets.... The boy HATES sleeves. You can just imagine the noises coming out of our house when it's time to get dressed in the morning.

- Oliver was a citizen of nowhere for the first couple of months of his life. He didn't automatically get Australian citizenship because he was born overseas and he also wasn't eligible for Dutch citizenship. We had a lot of paperwork to fill out after he was born but now he has his very own Aussie passport - complete with newborn mugshot, yet the passport is meant to last for 5 years?!?!

- Oliver loves people, he loves crowds, he loves noise and he loves being out and about with his Mum & Dad. He (so far) hasn't experienced separation anxiety and doesn't mind who he is with, as long as he's with someone. He always ends up being the centre of attention wherever we go thanks to his sunny little personality and charming smiles - the boy is a social butterfly and loves the attention. He truly is a happy baby and makes each day so much brighter.

Happy Birthday Oliver John - we feel so blessed to be your parents and love you so very much, our handsome little man!


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