Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello, Costco

It may have taken me six months, but I finally did it.

Today I bit the bullet, forked out the membership fee, and became a member of the American supermarket giant, Costco.

And... Boy oh boy, do I feel dirty :-(

It was quite an experience. Huge trolleys (can fit 2 children) with which I struggled to avoid injuring unsuspecting shoppers. Food samples being given out on every other aisle - my polite decline of petite servings of luke warm canned soup was met with surprised looks from the sales assistant. A true warehouse feel - not unlike the Ikea marketplace, only minus the unpronounceable Swedish names and cleanliness. Crowds of people. An Ikea style food court (but minus the Swedish meatballs :-( ). A huge carpark - yet, despite the size, the person next to me decided to park half in my park and left me unable to get in the drivers side door. Security to rival an airport (card checked to get in, receipt checked to GET OUT). Large lines at the checkout (by the time I got to the checkout, I was so frustrated and grumpy I contemplated ditching my trolley full of oversized pepper grinders and cereal and going to cancel my membership). Aisles filled with enormous packs of cereal, bags of flour so big I'd do my back in trying to get it into the car, packs of toothpaste that would last our family for years, and....

A goat. 

A whole entire goat. Well, a refrigerated tub full of goats actually. Thankfully they were tastefully covered by a white shroud, but I still felt a little disturbed. I was kinda tempted to buy it, just for the novelty factor, but I can't say the average weight of a goat is in my general knowledge skills and at roughly $5/lb, I couldn't figure out how much said goat would cost. I passed. Just as well, because after coming home I realised there is no way I would fit a goat in my oven...

So, Costco - was it worth it? Perhaps after a year, if I buy enough oversized packs of Cheerios and tinned tomatoes, my membership fee might be paid off. Perhaps. But on the plus side - my Aussie accent did pay off. I met a lovely Australian lady who was at the checkout beside me! Until that point, my Costco experience was kinda frustrating so that cheered me up.

To the toy aisle, Mum!
I'm more of a local farmers market kinda gal. Costco truly was a shock to the system. I walked around feeling like I had betrayed my local Sprouts & Whole Foods. Will I go again? Well, yes, in the next year. But at this point in time, I'm in no hurry to renew my membership...


  1. I never thought about how overwhelming it could be there. I have always grown up shopping like you know why Holland was SOOOOO different for me! Best of luck next time. I hope it's a better experience.

  2. Oooh Lu sounds awful! Do they stock Milo in bulk or nutella?? Maybe then it would be worth it!
    ::) Love lots, Martine

  3. Big man in a big market:-)
    But... A goat??! Sounds so awful, the smell of goat meat makes me sick after having witnessed a goat being slaughtered in 40 degrees celcius. I enjoy my Albert Heijn!!

  4. Thanks Kristina, I think I will try a different location because I've heard the one I went to isn't the best. I can now see why you would've found Holland such a shock!

    Tia they DID stock massive jars of Nutella! Yum yum! But no Milo (or Tim Tams) :( Mmmm... Can you imagine a massive bulk pack of Tim Tams?!?!

    Maaske I think seeing that would turn me vego :) I miss Albert Heijn! I've just found a supermarket online that has a store about half an hour from here that stocks AH products including STROOPWAFELS! Yet to go buy any but I might empty the shop when I do :P

  5. stopping by from that friday blog hop :]

    i love pics of little ones in the front of a shopping cart. too cute! :]

    sweet blog, glad to have found it!


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