Friday, September 21, 2012

Portland, Oregon

Only a few days after getting home from Australia, we were off again! Portland, Oregon was next on the agenda - with Mitch having to head up here for work and the opportunity to meet up with an old friend from Australia, all three of us flew up for the weekend to have a mini break up north.

The city had a bit of an industrial feel to it - but there was plenty of greenery and some cool buildings...

Portland is known for it's beer (I even discovered my first 'beermosa') but I have to say, the food was pretty good too. In particular, there was a whole city block we discovered on Mitch's lunch break that was full of street food!

Another hidden gem was Voodoo Donuts - the lines were kind of off putting but it was well worth the wait...

Yup, that is crispy bacon on a maple syrup frosted donut! And oh my, it was GOOD! (so good Mitch took a bite before getting the camera out). Most of the donuts were strange combinations of breakfast cereal and peanut butter, but the chocolate-oreo-peanut butter one (top right) was to die for...

Sights to see, good food, good shopping - what more do you need... GOOD COMPANY!!!

Thank you to the lovely Amanda and Ben for making the effort to drive down south to meet up with us! Being able to hang out again after 2.5 years really made my weekend... I am thinking a trip to Seattle might be on the cards before too long :-)

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