Friday, October 19, 2012


14 months old this week - my oh my, how the months are flying by! It only feels like yesterday we celebrated his first birthday. In the past month...

... Oliver took his very first unassisted steps!!! We've since discovered that he can only walk in the nude. That's right, he won't walk more then 2 steps unless he has his kit off. Why? I'm not sure. Thinking that his nappy is probably a little bulky or something, so it's lots of walking after his bath and just 1 or 2 wobbly steps the rest of the day. 

... Oliver had the last of his one year molars appear. They started coming through when we were in Australia and it took almost 2 months of sleepless nights, foul nappies and pulling at his ears constantly before the fourth one cut the gums. 12 teeth and counting!!!

... Oliver started fussing over his meals for the first time. We took the baby led weaning approach to solids with Ollie as it just felt really natural and we've been blessed with a really good eater. Oliver has always eaten whatever is put in front of him and loves meal times! In the past week however - he's started fussing a little. He's decided he has a preference for orange vegetables (sweet potato, carrot) and won't eat his greens. He puts his zucchini and broccoli in his mouth and spits it straight back out with a disgusted look on his face. I know I shouldn't complain too much cos he's still eating some vegies, but this is a kid who used to chow down broccoli like there was no tomorrow.

... Oliver took his raspberry blowing obsession to a whole new level. Last night, instead of eating his broccoli, he chose to blow raspberries on it during mealtime instead.

... Oliver has become super clingy. He cries and clings onto me if I try and hand him to someone else and doesn't want to get down and play in the sand at playgroup (my arms are getting a great workout right now). On weekends, he's super clingy to his Dadda and won't have a bar of me.

... Oliver is starting to become possessive of not only his toys, but also his parents! When we were apple picking last weekend, our friends little girl sat down beside Mitch and put her arm around him (super sweet!). Ollie reacted by leaning over and trying to push her off - 'that's MY Dadda'. Possessive, much?

... Oliver figured out how to put the rings on the stacker, put some simple shapes into the shape sorter and this week put 2 pieces of duplo together for the first time! 

... Oliver's vocabulary is growing and growing. He just keeps spitting out new words! Yesterday at the park we walked past a dog and he said dog woof woof. He also tells us every. single. time a (loud) car drives past the house, the garbage truck goes past or a plane flies overhead. I'm so proud of my little chatterbox!

... Oliver thinks he has learnt to play peek-a-boo. Only, he covers he ears every time we say peek-a-boo, not his eyes!

... Oliver has decided that 2 spoons is better then 1 for porridge eating!!! He also loves to take Mitch's spoon out of his cereal bowl and feed Mitch his breakfast... Thankfully he has pretty good aim!

And lastly.... Oliver still has his happy, cheeky grin!!!


  1. I just love posts like this! Probably because I'm just. so. awful at recording our Maile's milestones.

    What sweet wee ones you have!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a cutie!
    Just found your blog, love it.
    You have a new follower here! :)


  3. Katie - I was never very good at filling out Oliver's baby book but I'm enjoying this as a different way to record what he's doing. I hope one day he'll have fun reading it!

    Kari - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)


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