Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cars, trucks & things that go

Since our trip to Australia and watching the road works outside the Gympie house every day, Oliver has become fascinated with things that go. Cars, trucks, trains, diggers, cranes, planes... So long as it has wheels, he's a happy camper.

Lately I've realised that his fascination is becoming somewhat of an obsession... Every single time a car drives past the house, he stops what he is doing and says car (sometimes with a brum brum added in for good measure). When he hears the garbage truck coming, he crawls up to the door and tries to open it to go outside and when that fails, he tries to scale the wall to look out the window. Every time a plane flies overhead (and we are right under the flight path where we live so this happens A LOT), he looks up and says wane. When he wakes up crying in the night - a quick 'where's the truck' or 'did you hear the plane' instantly snaps him out of it and we can put him back down without tears. I'm waiting for the day he realises there is no truck outside and there are no planes flying overhead, but at the moment it's working a treat.

As a family, we've embraced the wheels and things that go are a regular source of play & conversation in our household. The other day I spotted this wooden puzzle at Target that I knew would make Oliver's day. When we got home, I took it out of the bag and the instant he spotted it, he grinned, started his excited 'pant' (it's a very unique noise that appears when he sees something he wants - usually banana) and bounced up and down on the spot.

He loves pulling out all the pieces and brum brumming them all over the house.

There are also a couple of books that we have to read multiple times a day. The first 100 words book is a winner, although we spend most of the time on the things that go page...

And the book FULL of cars, trucks, fire engines, rockets, boats... I don't remember who bought these for Ollie's birthday, but THANK YOU!!!!

I feel like our house is overrun with toys that have wheels, but there are a few that stand out. This garbage truck (made out of recycled plastics, it comes from a Californian company that has some really awesome toys for boys) gets pushed from room to room, filled with duplo, emptied out, carries his water bottle, sometimes gets ridden... I think I can safely say that this is Mr Oliver's favourite toy.

And lastly - just to top off his love for things that go, I flipped the mat that comes with the Stokke table top to discover it has TRUCKS, CARS and TRAINS on the other side (please excuse the avocado toast mess!). Talk about meal time entertainment. This week Oliver has started pointing to the relevant vehicle and saying the word when asked. I'm so proud of my baby boy, I love that his obsession is also resulting in some learning.


  1. Thanks for stopping by The Kat Almanac and for the follow. Returning the favor! your little guy is so cute! What is it with boys and their trucks? Mine loves to play with the wheels!

    1. There is just something fascinating about it for the little guys hey! I don't blame them though - trucks are fun. I am the youngest of 4 girls so now I've having fun playing with all the 'boy' toys!

  2. What a sweet blog. Your kiddo is so cute :)
    I'm your new follower, would be great if you stop by my blog and follow if you like it!

    ~Abigail K

    1. Thanks! You have a lovely blog - it makes me want to take a trip to Philadelphia, looks like a fun city!

  3. TOO cute. This is the same obsession I wrote about this week! My little guy will not stop jabbering "car" and "truck" - all day, every single day. I also can't believe how many wheeled toys are in our house. :) I love that mealtime mat - that would be a huge hit here!

    1. It's such a boy thing hey! I'd highly recommend the mat - it's a winner in this household :) Keeps him entertained when he's getting cranky at dinner too!


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