Saturday, October 13, 2012


Loving: The cooler weather! I am a summer girl through and through but last week it was above 30 degrees (celsius) - in October! It was stifling and our house just isn't cut out for hot days like that with no a/c or fans. Although I could do without the current grey skies, the cool change (and being able to wear boots again) is pleasant. It also rained the other night, for the first time in months, and the smell was absolutely glorious! It took Mitch and I awhile to figure out what that pitter patter noise on the roof was because it has become so foreign nowadays! I hated overcast, rainy weather after living in the Netherlands and now I realise that I came to take it for granted - a little bit of rain once in awhile is a really enjoyable thing.

Reading: Ummm... I'm trying to read 'The Happiest Toddler on the Block' as I have recently realised that I have no clue about anything when it comes to toddler wrangling and Mr Oliver is one determined little guy... By trying, I mean that I've read the blurb and I've flicked through the chapters but the lure of my usual suspense novels has been too much. I even returned all of my unread library books in the hope that I'd get motivated to read a parenting book but no such luck so far.

Watching: Oh the joys of fall tv - all our fav mindless shows are back on! I'm really enjoying Fringe right now - it's the final season, lots of suspense and I have to say I'm a big fan because (a) the lead character is not only Aussie, but from the Gold Coast and (b) Joshua Jackson has come a long way since Dawsons Creek! I'm persevering with (boring) Greys Anatomy although I think it should have been axed a few seasons ago. We also watch two short & funny shows every week - Raising Hope & How I Met Your Mother. I'm finding though that there are too many shows I want to watch and not enough time!

Listening to: A lot of Angus and Julia Stone at the moment. It's nice, low key stuff (and Australian too). I've been hearing a lot of Mumford and Sons new album on the radio lately - must buy!!!

Creating: This week I've been making the most of naptime and doing a bit of crafting. I made a wall hanging to brighten up my craft area - 3 embroidery hoops with pretty fabric and bunting, Oliver's halloween costume (Jack Sparrow & his trike will eventually be turned into the Black Pearl) and some softies.

Thinking about: The holidays. Thanksgiving is coming up next month followed by Christmas only a few weeks later. I'm feeling like we should be making the most of the fact that Mitch has 4 days off over Thanksgiving and go away somewhere, but I also want to have a nice dinner (lunch - what is it you are meant to do for Thanksgiving?) here. Perhaps we'll do both! And Christmas - this is the first year where we are being indecisive and can't figure out what to do! I'm thinking though we will spend a few days away with friends in the snow and then have Christmas itself here at home. Sorry, no surprise trip to Australia planned for this year :-( We keep tossing around the idea of New York for either Christmas or Thanksgiving but I think we've left that a little late now as flight prices are just a little too high being the holidays and all. Next year!

Making me happy: My handsome little man! Although Oliver is definitely more challenging these days, he is also more rewarding and way more cuddly. He will quite often stop whatever he's doing and crawl up to me just to wrap those pudgy little arms around my neck and give me a big hug! It melts my heart every time and I instantly forget how frustrating it can be when he is trying to push his boundaries. He's learning new words at frightening rate - he copies what we say. This week he added truck, car brum brum, bowl, and beeeezzz (please) to his vocabulary. I love hearing his voice!

Looking forward to: This weekend! We are going to do our first fall activities - apple picking, apple sauce making & pumpkin carving. Although autumn in California isn't as spectacular as Europe (I miss the beautiful coloured trees), the fall spirit is unbeatable with lots of activities to do. I can't wait!


  1. I love your embroidery hoops! So fun and festive. I should be reading more toddler parenting books too. This is definitely a challenging season!

  2. Thanks :) They brighten up a dull wall! I'll let you know if this book is any good... I got a couple of highly rated ones off amazon but still haven't managed to start either of them!


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