Saturday, October 27, 2012


Loving: The enormous bags of chocolate & lollies (all lumped into one term here: 'candy') sitting beside my computer. Yes, yes it's for Sunday but I have been doing a few taste tests just to make sure it's all ok... :-)

Reading: I must go to the library! I haven't been reading anything this week because I haven't been making it to the library on our usual story time day in the past couple of weeks because Oliver has been snotty and grumpy. I have a reasonable book collection but nothing I own is grabbing me right now. I've been reading lots of blogs though - does that count?

Watching: This week - NOTHING! Not. a. single. show. Mitch has been working every night and we like to watch our favourite shows together, plus I've been at the gym most nights. Thank goodness for TV on demand cos I am looking forward to catching up on some mindless television.

Listening to: I discovered George on a CD in the car this week and have had it on repeat constantly. Something I haven't listened to in years but I still enjoy it - and it brings back memories of my uni days!

Creating: This week I've done a few different things. I made the koala + tree halloween costume, a felt fire and a friend & I created a giant cardboard bear. The fire and bear sound kinda random I know but there's a good reason for it! I've also sewn a couple more softies, including the giveaway on my site

Thinking about: Next year - we've now got our first confirmed visitors for 2013! My 2 best friends from all the way back in high school are coming to visit and I am SUPER excited! We're all taking Oliver to Disneyland, doing lots of day trips around the bay area and even having a girls weekend in the tackiest place on earth. To say I can't wait is an understatement - I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face since getting a text last night to tell me that it was all booked!!!

Making me happy: ME TIME!!! I'm really glad I joined a gym. As exhausting as working out can be, the resulting endorphins are rejuvenating. I've been going at night because the creche hours are really inconvenient and I think I'd rather wait til Ollie is a little older/not so clingy before putting him in it. He is doing better though - yesterday there wasn't a single tear when he went to the mothers group nursery.

Looking forward to: 9:00pm tonight. Mitch's deadline. Finally here. It's been a long week (few weeks actually) of overtime and stress for him, which naturally rubs off on us. The poor guy is running on less then 3 hours sleep today and I don't know how he does it, so yes - I am VERY much looking forward to that deadline being over, as is he! He is working from home today and Ollie was super excited/surprised when we got home from Mother Goose and he discovered that Dadda was still at home... Mitch was working on the laptop on the floor and he crawled straight up to him and snuggled up with a content smile. I love these two!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Hey Lu,
    It's nice to hear what you have been up to.
    I got engaged last weekend!! WE are both sooooooo excited and happy, as are our family and friends. He proposed at sunset at Sandate.

  2. Selina that is awesome news! Huge congrats, I'm really excited for you both! Any wedding plans yet? Congrats again!

  3. ... on every meeting at my work I'm asking again: can we go over the summer holiday planning for 2013?? Now it's decided that next time (november 19) it 'll be decided when I can have my summer leave. So not too long until we'll be able to book the tickets to... getting more and more excited about it too!! When are your first visitors coming?

    1. Yay!!!!! I am so excited already to see you guys! Our first visitors are coming in late Feb/early March. At the moment we just have you guys and Mitch's parents (possibly) booked in for the summer, but if his parents come it'll be early on like June I think. Can't wait to show you guys around!!!!


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