Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabric fabric fabric...

I'm so excited tonight!!! It's been a long week (yukky head cold for both me & Mr Oliver) but tonight I perked up, got out of my trackies and into the car to go to a once a month fabric event, Fabmo. I love vintage fabrics and a lot of my stash comes from op shops but as I have been doing a lot more sewing recently (more to come on that one), my supply is starting to run a little low. Well, that's not entirely true - I have an overflowing tub full of fabric, but it's all run of the mill stuff from the quilting store and it's my unique little scrappy bits that are getting few and far between.

This was my first time going to a Fabmo selection event and I wasn't disappointed. Basically, there was a room full of ends of bolts of fabric, samples of designer fabrics and even tiles, patterns, books and random embellishments. There is no set price - just grab a bag and give a donation depending on how many bags you fill. And the bonus is that you're saving all these awesome goodies from making their way into landfill.

It was HEAVEN for a fabric lover like myself! I was sans baby, so could sift through all the piles at my leisure. I struck gold with some cardboard boxes filled with odds and ends of old fabrics; I even found some vintage Australiana stuff that reminds me of Nanna-ish tea towels.

I think this will tide me over til next month... Fabmo, you rock!!!


  1. Awesome! So much fun to do that kind of shopping, especially sans kiddo! Such beautiful fabrics too. I'm not a sewer/quilter/anything to do with fabric, but I can appreciate a wonderful end result! If someone else makes it, I'm happy ;) haha

  2. That's definitely not a bad thing - if we were all crafters, then there would be no-one to enjoy what the crafty people create :-)


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