Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall fun

Yesterday we did our very first fall activities! We met with friends at a nearby organic apple orchard to choose out some pumpkins for carving...

Pick an apple or two...

... while the bubbas happily munched on some fresh snacks...

A picnic lunch & swing under an oak tree amidst the apples provided a well deserved break...

... before starting our afternoon in the kitchen - an enormous pot of apple sauce and 2 rustic apple pies were the result of a fun days work! 

Sadly, no pumpkins were carved - I think we were a little too ambitious! We've still got a couple of weeks before Halloween though to try out pumpkin carving... I'm excited!!!


  1. i went apple picking too this weekend except i didn't have a cute baby like yours. and a pie was made but unfortunately i cooked it a little too long and it burnt, bummer. i guess it gives me an excuse to make another pie

  2. It's fun, isn't it! Any excuse to make another pie is a good one - I'm about to make some more too as I wasn't quite happy with the first one. There seems to be quite an art to pastry making and I haven't quite figured it out yet!


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