Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween - take 1

This is our first Halloween and although I could live without some of the festivities, I'm actually enjoying this holiday more then expected. I mean, minus the spooky stuff - it's a chance for your kid to play dress ups, there's an abundance of orange, pumpkins are finally in stores and lets not forget about the candy :-)

I feel like I've been a little overwhelmed with our first Halloween - I got so excited I committed to not one, not two but THREE costumes/events. Not that I regret it (yet); it's been fun!

Today was part 1 of our first Halloween: the playgroup party. Oliver and I joined a local Moms Club a few weeks after moving to the area. It's a big group and with my other commitments, I tend to only go to the 2011 playgroup rather then the entire club events. I was told the Halloween party is the event to attend however so after deciding that Oliver's trick or treating costume probably wouldn't withstand a party + the 31st, I consulted pinterest and our wardrobes to see what I could make for minimum effort & cost.

The result - hello, baby koala + tree!

It had to be an Aussie themed outfit of course... I had wanted to do Oliver as Ned Kelly or Steve Irwin but I honestly didn't think anyone would get it. The koala outfit was simple - I already had a grey footed suit and I just ironed a piece of white minky fabric onto the chest. Originally I had been planning to cover one of Oliver's hats in grey fabric and attach ears to the top but it didn't quite work out. Instead, I got some elastic to make a headpiece and attached ears to the side. Not the best koala headpiece, but it was a pretty basic costume. My 'tree' was whipped up late last night when I remembered why there was a pile of green felt and heat'n bond sitting on the ironing board. It was also really simple - I just ironed some leaves onto an old brown LS shirt I got from H&M last winter.

On a side note - notice the tired looks on our faces? Last night I was up til 1am, the husband was working til 2am and Oliver was awake blowing raspberries on us at 6am. I even raced off from mothers group a little sooner then usual today so I could get Ollie down for his nap early (he's pretty flexible, I've done this before and it doesn't bother him). Well. He spent an entire hour in his cot chattering loudly and blowing raspberries. I got so tired of the noise that I went in to put his music on and lay him down - he saw me and started LAUGHING. Lets just say that going into his room was a major parenting fail of the day. Never disturb a happy baby. Happy chatter quickly turned into mad screaming and it was more then halfway through his regular naptime before I could settle him. I was contemplating going as tired Mumma + crazy raspberry blowing sleep deprived baby but realised that it's not really a costume, but more of our reality a lot of the time. Anyway...

The party was a potluck so I decided to attempt some 'spooky' cupcakes (again, thank you pinterest!). My piping was a little rough thanks to my little helper who was tugging on my leg as I attempted to frost them at 8am this morning. Sadly, my tired state resulted in the remaining cupcake (destined to be my dessert) and the plastic container being left on the roof of the car as we drove home... Cupcake is no more :-(

So there you have it. Our first ever Halloween event!

Now to carve some pumpkins and tape together a giant cardboard bear for the next thing we have in store...


  1. Yay for your first Halloween. Enjoy! Such a cute idea :)

    1. Thanks, it's lots of fun to be celebrating!

  2. You are crazy creative! Such a fun idea. He's the cutest koala ever!
    And sister, i think our babies got together to plan to not let their mamas sleep. Ever. Cruz has been doing the same thing.. not sleeping normally at all, waking up at 5:30am and refusing to go back to bed. UGH. I am so exhausted! So, if you ever need to vent, you know where to find me ;)
    Can't wait to see pictures of your next event! xox

    1. Oh no, there must be something in the air! It truly is exhausting. Cruz time to sleep for Mummy, ok! I might just have to take you up on that venting offer... :) It's been over 2 hours and Oliver is still chatting away in his cot, not wanting to nap. This is a kid that usually naps 3-4hrs every afternoon, his chit chat is cute most of the time but not when Mummy needs peace and quiet...

  3. Such a cute idea! I missed our playgroup Halloween party this year because it was on the morning Aubrey goes to preschool- I was super bummed about it.

    1. Bummer! It's fun seeing all the Mums & kids dressed up. Lucky there's always next year :)


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