Thursday, October 11, 2012

Run run run...

... is what I'm going to be doing a lot of in the future - at 13 months and 3 weeks old, WE NOW HAVE A WALKER!!!

Eeeeek!!!!! Ollie might be a little later then most, but he made it in his own sweet time. Yesterday he started taking a couple of steps between pieces of furniture without holding on and then tonight he took 5 steps, about a half a dozen times, between Mitch and I after bathtime.

My heart is just bursting with joy, I am so proud of this sweet little man and he's pretty pleased with himself too; walking is accompanied by lots of laughter!

Oh baby boy - you are growing up so quickly!!!


  1. Oh he is so cute!! And what a fun stage, isn't it?! Cruz has been almost walking for a month now. He has wonderful balance, and has taken 20 steps at a time, can turn corners, but just refuses to actually walk on his own without a lot of encouragement! I'm not sure why.. maybe scooting on his bum is still faster and just more in his comfort zone.
    Yay for Oliver!! xoxo

  2. Awesome work Cruz!!! Ollie is very similiar - he needs lots and lots of praise to get him to move. We were trying again this morning but he'll only take a few steps before resorting to crawling. I guess it'll just take time before walking overtakes the crawling (or bum scooting - how cute!).

  3. Ollie says thanks Aunty Marty! Next time he sees his cousins he'll actually be able to chase them around :)


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