Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Silence isn't always golden

Despite his recent clinginess, Oliver loves playing independently at home. He goes from spot to spot in the house where his toys tend to congregate (or where there are books to pull off a shelf) and will happily hang out in his room, reading books or playing with his toys.

Today I was cleaning up the lunch mess (Oliver's latest game - throwing his food on the floor to signal that he is finished, ugh) and realised there was total silence. No happy chatter. No vroom vroom. Not even the sound of one of Ollie's many musical toys.

And lets face it - silence is not always golden when you have a toddler.

I walked down the hallway to discover this... I know, I know, it's just a tissue. A single tissue may not make most people suspicious but I am a bit of a neat freak so I was fairly certain I hadn't dropped it there...

Walked into Mr Oliver's room - no boy in sight, but he had taken clothes out of his drawers and pulled all the nappies out of the tubs...

Walked into the master to discover the source of the lone hallway tissue... All tissues were removed from the box and the box ripped up...

Walked around the end of the bed to discover someone had been at the shoe racks again...

Then turned a corner to discover THIS!!!

Ah, yep. It would appear I had forgotten about an old half open box of nursing pads in my bedside table. I came in to find Oliver scratching his head with them and laughing.

Oh, the joys of having a curious toddler!!!! Serves me right for forgetting to shut our bedroom door huh...

At least he's cute :-)


  1. love the new blog look Lu!! Well done to Mitch too! I've been wanting to revamp my blog look too - maybe sometime this year!! Byron has been doing lots of quiet toddler activities too - he was so quiet yesterday and he had Noah's wallet and was oh so quietly and carefully taking all the coins out and laying them on the couch :)

    Lots of love,

  2. Thanks Tia! Haha I can just imagine Byron doing that too... Cheeky boy! xoxo

  3. Haha my kids love playing with nursing pads too. He is gorgeous.

  4. There must just be something appealing about them to small children huh! Oliver keeps going and looking in the drawer again for them (but of course they're all gone now!).


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