Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The battle of the bulge

This week I did something crazy.

I set foot in a gym for the first time in almost 3 years...

... then, on the spur of the moment after taking a tour, I took a zumba class. Yes, uncoordinated me braved the zumba. Just because I am crazy.

Despite not having worked out in a loooong time, I was actually able to move without pain the next day. I think this is something to do with the fact that because I am so very uncoordinated, I was only able to follow about 2 of the moves in the class and so spent most of the time just hopping on each foot and shaking my arms every now and again when it appeared appropriate.

Back in my Fitness First days, I would have been so humiliated and felt very out of place. My old gym was one where you had to have the right gear (Lorna Jane, in coordinating colours), right body (it was a gym full of six packs) and people who were so coordinated, I was convinced they were all professional dancers or cheerleaders.

I used to be one of the lone mismatched people up the back of the class, bopping in the opposite direction to everyone else and hitting myself in the head every couple of beats. Almost kicking the person beside me. Tripping over my own shoelaces. I persevered but hid up the back of the class every time.

My new gym - well, at the end of the class, the instructor's parting words were "I saw that half the class were moving in the right direction today, well done everybody! I see we are improving". Yes, I am still up the back of the class. Hopping on one foot. Occasionally hitting myself in the face as I am trying to do some crazy hand movement while figure out what direction my feet should be going. But in this gym, I'm not alone. It was a class FULL (and I mean full - big room) of mismatched grannies, grandpas and other young people like myself who have 2 left feet.

I instantly felt at home :-)

Why the urge to suddenly re-join the gym world after such a long break? I am fighting the battle of the bulge :-( Something that every woman who has had a baby can commiserate with me on. I'm a realist; I know I'm not overweight. But it's the bulges that are giving me angst. One thing I've discovered since having Oliver is that even when the scales tell me I am a similar weight to what I was pre-pregnancy, some things will never be the same again. There are all sorts of lumps and plumps and ugh... Although I know it's unrealistic to expect to have the same bikini friendly body ever again, I'm feeling pretty determined right now to do what I can about it.

So I've signed up for a gym membership AND (again - because I am crazy) gotten a groupon for a month long, 4 mornings a week bootcamp. Eeeeek!

The battle of the bulge has begun... Wish me luck!


  1. It is soo funny that you posted this today! I too just joined a gym and plan to post about it. I enjoyed my first class tonight and thought about Zumba but was afraid I too would look like I was flopping around..hahah!! I completely feel you in the area of bumps and lumps. I also blame American food. Even eating "healthy" is not the same here as it was in Holland. I didn't even have to try there. I wish you luck with the bootcamp. I have heard they are tough! And while we're working hard to get back the body we truly want....we have cute little ones to remind us those bumps and lumps are worth it! Wish we were close enough to go together. And.....I love the new look of your blog!

  2. Me too! It is so much more motivating to go work out when you have a gym buddy! You should try zumba... It's worth it for a laugh at least I reckon :)


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