Saturday, November 17, 2012


15 months today - another month further away from one and closer to two years old! Eeeek! This month, Mr Oliver...

... is such a little talker! New words this month include picture (when referring to his painting by Granjohn above his change table), here, chicken (although it sounds more like tooken), read, digger & teeth.

... has a new found love for soft toys (just as well his Mumma makes softies!). He loves cuddling them and rubbing them against his cheek. It's so, so sweet and gentle and seeing him hug his toys always makes me smile.

... is letting us know when he wants something to eat. And not just the excited pant when he sees food/water. Now, when he's hungry he starts saying numma numma numma num num num. Again. And again. While hanging off my leg. Sounds like I don't feed my kid huh? Well, this can happen within 30 minutes of him eating an entire apple. The kid LOVES food! It's snack snack snack all day long.

... has moved on from the clingy stage YAY!!!!! It really was a passing phase. He is still attached to his Dadda though - I cease to exist on weekends and between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Dad is the favourite!

... had his first real mobility related injury. Ok, it wasn't serious but it was a lot of blood and it initially freaked me out (I was grabbing keys and getting ready to head to the ER). I was cleaning the bath and Oliver was excited and ran in to see me and slipped on some water and smacked his mouth on the edge of the bath. I heard a crack, saw lots of blood and thought he'd lost a tooth. Nope - still 12 teeth and counting and the tears subsided pretty quickly after a Mummy cuddle but it still wasn't pleasant.

... has a new found love for the park. He loves picking up sticks in the sand, climbing on the play equipment, sliding down the slide, rocking on the seahorse and just walking in circles waving to the other kids.

... had his first (of many to come) naughty corner experience. We're currently working on a few issues - biting and head butting being the key ones and it's.... interesting. At his age, he doesn't really understand the concept - in fact, I think he likes the naughty corner because it's beside the front door and he loves trying to dig his fingers under the door *sigh*

... is sleeping through the night (most of the time anyway)! He did his first ever true 12 hour stretch and it was heavenly. Not having multiple wake ups between bedtime and morning is something we could all get used to.

... has got the walking thing down pat - bye bye crawling. He's attempting running but it mostly involves face planting at the moment.

... got his first big boy table and chairs. He thinks he is pretty cool - he loves sitting there every morning to do some scribbling with his crayons or to eat his morning tea.

... played his first game of pictionary. Via Skype. A friend drew some pictures, he had to say what it was. Clever little guy, he knew what they all were! (his favourites - dog, duck, car, digger, banana).

And lastly... Mr Oliver now has a babysitter!!! Success!!!! Mumma and Dadda now get a monthly date night :-)

Happy 15 months big boy!


  1. Ok and Oliver are exactly 6 months apart! How cool! He doesn't sleep either. Are you saying I have a long way to go until sleeping thru the night?? ;)

    1. Aw, happy 9 months to your big boy! The 16th is a good day to be born :) Hehe I hope for your sake that LK figures out the whole sleeping thing a lot sooner then Ollie. I feel like every time we got him close to sleeping through, we changed his time zone/he got more teeth/he got sick. I'm hoping these long stretches are here to stay now!

  2. Ethan is just starting to sleep through the night now at almost 17 months, too. Those 12 hour stretches -- they are bliss!

    1. They are, aren't they! I didn't know what I was missing out on but I could get used to it :)

  3. Happy 15 months old to your adorable boy! :)


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