Saturday, November 10, 2012


Loving: This season of thankfulness. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia and I have to say, I am really enjoying seeing so many friends taking a moment to share what they are thankful for every day in the lead up to the holiday.

Reading: Does Jip & Janneke or Diggers books count? I haven't been doing any reading for myself lately, but Mr Oliver and I have been reading a lot of story books together. He's finally realised that if he goes and picks out a book (or 10) and hands them to me, I'll read them. It's so sweet - he places the book in my lap saying re re. I'm going to assume that means read...

Watching: We have really been enjoying Call the Midwife and I'm so sad that this weeks episode was the season final! Last night we started watching Person of Interest and it was pretty good, although some of the characters I found a little frustrating to watch.

Listening to: In the spirit of listening to some of my old favourites, this week I put some of the Cat Empire CDs in the car. Talk about bringing back memories!

Creating: Lots! All the softies featured yesterday, plus I have been drafting up a few seasonal ideas that I'm yet to try out. I'm also feeling like getting my wool & knitting needles out again...

Thinking about: The somewhat challenging task of finding a regular babysitter. We do have an interview lined up for tomorrow though that seems promising, wish us luck!

Making me happy: Definitely my gorgeous, smiley little man! He's doing so well with his walking and is so very proud of himself! He spends ages just lapping the house with a toy in his hand and a big grin on his face. Park visits have become a bit more exciting too, we're not limited to the swings anymore - he's loving climbing on the play equipment and even started doing the slide all on his own today. He's also started noticing all the squirrels around our house and gets SO excited when he sees them (probably because he's egged on by me - I still find the furry little pests a novelty!).

Looking forward to: Tonight - spaghetti carbonara (one of my favs) + a bottle of red + white chocolate cake + relaxing on the couch listening to some Swan Lake with my favourite person. The perfect way to end another week :-)

Have a great weekend :-)


  1. You guys still have the Friday night Swan Lake tradition! :-) Enjoy the evening!

    1. Still going strong :) Although, I must admit that last night we ditched it in favor of watching Fringe - I'm seriously addicted to that show!!!!!

  2. How sweet, he picks a bunch of books for mom to read. We don't have any children yet and reading stories like posts like this one remind me of the beauty of motherhood. One day God willing.
    Abi K

    1. Motherhood really is a beautiful thing - it's not always pretty, but having moments like these when your little one just wants to cuddle up to you and listen to your voice, well... I love it :)


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