Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween - take 3 (trick or treat!)

This is my last Halloween post. I promise :)

It ended up being a bit of a mission to go trick or treating last night but SO worth it. Yesterday was not only Halloween but there was also a Giants event on in the city. So.... Trains were nuts, late, overcrowded and Mitch was quite delayed getting home. Then in our mad rush we took the wrong highway driving to our friends house and got stuck on the horrible one that turns into a car park during peak hour. A 20 minute trip turned into 50 minutes and with the train delays and all, we were a little frazzled by the time we arrived. But... As soon as the kids were in costume and we were off, the fun began!

Ollie's little friend loved pushing him around the streets...

We knocked on some doors...

Compared the goodies...

Although no candy was consumed by small children, Oliver did get a little possessive of his stash...

He clutched onto his bag for dear life! Well, for the most part of the night anyway. Towards the end I had a moment of panic when he had seemingly lost his bag of treats. Thankfully, the trike had saved the day and caught it!

So, three costumes, one party, one trunk or treat and one trick or treat later, our first Halloween is complete. Bring on the next holiday I say!


  1. That's too cute! I love that you went above and beyond and made him the black pearl too - fantastic!

    1. It was fun! Plus, it was handy because he wasn't walking much at that stage and meant we didn't have to carry him around.


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