Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's been a while

Date night... It's been a while. 15 or so months, to be a little more precise. In fact, date nights have been so non existent that I can even remember the last time Mitch and I went out for a meal alone: way back here in the pre-baby days. I decided to blow my low salt requirements for a day and we drove into Germany for a schnitzel at our favourite pub.

It's not that we haven't wanted to go out - there have just been a few complications. One of the downsides of expat life is that we've never had any family on hand to babysit. I wouldn't change our life for anything, but not having the luxury of just being able to drop Oliver off with a grandparent or aunty so I can run errands - or so my husband and I can have some time alone - is something that I would love to have. It makes me miss my family that little bit more again!

So, finding a regular babysitter has been something I've been wanting to do for awhile yet it still hasn't been crossed off my to do list. But for the first time, where both Mitch and I are leaving our boy, I knew I'd be more comfortable leaving him with a friend - and thanks to the kindness of some friends, our date night became a reality last night!!!

I do love eating out as a family but it was SO nice to eat a leisurely dinner without having to rearrange the table setting to keep candles, cutlery and salt shakers out of a little boys hands. It was nice not to have to wipe down anyones food smeared face at the end of the night. It was nice not to have to request a table far enough away from people with long hair so that a certain little someone doesn't lean out of his chair and attempt to pull their hair out, but close enough to people that he is entertained by looking at them. It was nice to have a tiny purse instead of an oversized handbag filled with cheerios and sippy cups. It was nice not to have to assess the mess under the highchair to determine just how much extra we should tip above the standard amount. It was nice to wander around the streets afterwards, popping into shops whenever we felt like it and admiring the fairy lights instead of racing to the car. It was nice to be alone...... :-)

It's nice to see you again date night - you certainly aren't overrated, that's for sure :-)


  1. Aw, I'm glad y'all got to go on a date night. :)

    1. Me too :) I am already hanging out for the next one!


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