Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend goodness

Some weekend goodness - despite the time change (oh how I hate it when daylight savings ends!), it was just what we needed, a laid back weekend...

We bought a little craft table for our artist in the making...

I made my first ever pumpkin pie - totally from scratch, pastry and all (I was kinda proud). It's only the second pumpkin pie I've ever tasted so I don't have a whole lot to compare it to but it's pretty yummy to me...

We caught up with friends over a picnic in the city...

We watched our little man make the transition from preferring crawling to walking... He's getting speedy!

Took a swing...

Relaxed on a slide...

I love weekends :-)


  1. Daylight Savings Time is ROUGH here too! Cruz's morning wake-up time has changed to 6:30am, and that is just way too early.
    Love that craft table! (and O's little face is priceless!!) And good job on that pumpkin pie, mama!! I have yet to master any sort of pastry. Maybe one day!
    Hurrah for laid-back happy weekends!! And Hurrah for O's speedy walking skills! xo

    1. 6.30am starts just make me so cranky for the rest of the day! Hope Cruz's body clock adjusts soon. Pastry isn't as scary as I thought - I've been trying out a few different recipes lately instead of doing my usual bought pastry, and when done in the food processor it's surprisingly simple. Have a great week :)

  2. this baby truly got style! love his shirt!

    1. Me too, it was a birthday gift from Australia. One of my favs on him!


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