Monday, December 17, 2012


Somehow another month has disappeared - time for the little mans 16 month update! This month, Mr Oliver...

... has too many new words for me to count. Even the doctor commented on how vocal Ollie is when he had his checkup last week. New words this month include cheese, again, done, toast, bath, choo choo, key, tree. Oh, and poire - when referring to pear. It seems our kid speaks better French then we do :P

... has found a real love for tickling. He creeps up to us, arms outstretched, saying dickle dickle dickle and proceeds to tickle wherever he can. It's so darn cute!

... started pointing to our eyes, nose and mouth (and saying the word - well, except mouth) when asked. He hasn't figured personal pronouns yet though. If you ask him to point to his own nose, he'll still grab mine.

... has become a real little helper. He has started responding to commands - he'll go and get his shoes when it's time to go out and will even help pick up his toys at the end of the day. He loves dropping them in the toy basket although sometimes he'll go and get extra items from the tupperware cupboard to pack away.

... blows on his food to cool it down. Even if it's a piece of cheese. I think he's mimicking what we do - it's really cute :-)

... has developed an obsession with the mailbox key. He loves checking the mail every afternoon and carrying it inside for Mumma but won't hand over the mailbox key until Dadda gets home and he's so distracted he finally drops it.

... loves putting rubbish in the bin when asked, especially his wet nappy before bath time. Sometimes though he does a bit of a lucky dip - he doesn't just drop rubbish in the bin, he pulls something back out and proudly shows it to me, ugh!

... is fast becoming king of the tantrum again. But more to come on that another time *sigh* my tired Mumma brain can't quite handle the thought of a tantrum while there is currently peace and quiet around :-)

... can find Roald Dahl's The Witches on the bookshelf, no matter where I put it. He is fascinated with it (perhaps it's the cover?) and pulls it off the shelf on a daily basis and sits it on his little table. I move it around every day to test him - hiding it behind or between other books but he never fails to pull it out of my massive piles of books!

... thinks the toilet roll holder is his toy. He doesn't really care about the toilet paper itself, but the toilet roll holder - oh my. And the bathroom is no longer off limits now that he can open doors. He loves pulling it off the wall and running around with it. A couple of weeks ago he hid it - we couldn't find it for an entire week. One day I discovered he had stashed it inside a pair of my jeans?!?!

... has begun the frantic head shaking action to indicate NO! (usually NO I don't want my nappy changed, NO I don't want my face wiped, NO I don't want my broccoli)

... has a word of the month - baby. He says it whenever he sees my screen saver photo of him, or a photo of a baby anywhere actually. The other day at the library he was carrying around a doll saying baby baby baby. Think he's dropping a hint???

... demonstrated that 'Safety' 1st baby proofing locks are not necessarily safe - the one on our dinnerware cabinet has been snapped in half. This toddler seized the day, promptly building a precarious plate tower and claiming the cupboard as his new cubby :-)

Happy 16 months big boy!


  1. He is really cute. That made me laugh about blowing on the cheese. It's so amazing how they turn into little copy cats's yet with minds of their own.


  2. he sounds awesome! and i am loving that picture. that's one that needs to be printed and framed for all to see :)
    also, i'm glad to be following your blog now via the gfc collective blog hop. can't wait to get to know you more through your posts!
    - morgan at

  3. What a cutie! Our safety locks were figured out by our little guy- with the door knobs. :)

    I wanted to invite you over to our weekly Sunday and Monday Meet & Greet Blog Hop. Come stop by and join in!

  4. Great to "meet" you, Luana! Thanks for joining the Meet & Greet blog hop! This post is so awesome! Love that photo of him in the cupboard. =0)


  5. Oh, little ones grow up so fast! 16-18 months with my oldest was really fun! I'm really looking forward to that period of crazy super discovery with my second. Enjoy!

  6. Cute, cute boy!! 1,5 is such a lovely age... Smile and enjoy together!! Hope Mitch has more free time during the holidays!!

  7. New follower! Found your blog through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you more :)

  8. Oh so super cute!! Isn't it just the best watching your little ones grow?? My boy has quite the obsession with keys as well... frustrating and adorable at the same time!

    Just Dawnelle

  9. This sounds like a really fun stage in his baby life. I can just imagine him trying to give you a tickle attack. Hehe. Babies are so much fun! Now, if I could only get my little girl to say something more than "mamá" and "papá". Thanks for linking with the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week, Luana!


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