Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas past

Christmas really does hold a lot of special memories for me. Each year has been different, some full of surprises, and I love looking back at Christmas past. Some more memorable ones include...

2011 - telling our parents we were spending Christmas in Switzerland and then turning up unannounced on their doorstep a few days before Christmas. To add to the excitement, this was the first time both sets of grandparents had met Mr Oliver :-)

2010 - hiring a chalet with a group of friends on the side of a ski run in France... Morning sickness was a downer, spilling the news of the pregnancy to our families was a highlight but making this candle lit snow tree on Christmas Eve and setting fireworks off on it while listening to carols and drinking hot Milo - AWESOME!

2008 - Christmas in my favourite Aussie destination, Noosa. My parents hired a couple of apartments in a resort at the river for everyone, we had a pretty awesome vintage theme going on that year...

2007 - Our first European Christmas! Exploring the Christmas markets in our little French town was a great introduction to a winter holiday season and then we took off to Switzerland for a week - ice skating under the Matterhorn, skiing the alps on Christmas Eve and leisurely hiking the mountains on Christmas day, stopping in at mountainside cafes to sample their hot wine... Some good memories :-)

What are your favourite Christmas memories?


  1. Wow! Those memories are pretty hard to top.=)

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  3. You've had some amazing Christmas's! I've spend nearly every single Christmas of my life in the same city... but one day I dream of spending it in Paris or the Swiss Alps!

  4. Those are all amazing Christmas memories!!!! My favorite so far would have to be Christmas of 2010. I was pregnant and disgustingly nauseous and couldn't stop throwing up the entire time, but I was able to give my parents "Grandma and Me" and "Grandpa and Me" books from the baby, and it was just so emotional!

  5. Hi Luana,
    What fantastic memories! The Switzerland picture reminded me of my trip there. It was beautiful.
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  6. What sweet memories - especially the ones where you surprised your parents!

    I'm a new follower :)


  7. Hey Lu! Love the christmas memories! Have loved spending Christmas with you and seeing your Christmas adventures afar from photos! Talk this week! Love Martine

  8. Cute blog! Signed up to follow you from the Weekend Blog Hop. The Christmas in Australia sounds amazing!

  9. My favorite Christmases are my three daughter's first Christmas and my sons' second Christmases. Just watching their fascination with the lights, paper, and excitement brought such joy to my face. It's my favorite time of year, so I become a big kid again with the movies & music.

  10. The candlelit snow tree is amazing!

    I think that my most cherished Christmas memory is when Tim proposed. It got botched in all sorts of ways, but it still turned out to be perfect. :)

  11. Oh my goodness, how beautiful. I love the candle lit snow tree, the vintage party...gosh you have had some pretty awesome Christmas celebrations.

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  13. These pictures are beautiful. I can't get over the snow fort (don't even know if that's what it's called). Happy Holidays!
    Fellow Follower,


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