Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crockpot assistance required!

So... I recently purchased a crockpot. It's actually not my first one - Mitch's grandparents gave us a slow cooker they didn't have use for on a trip to Tasmania a few years back. I lugged it home (no easy feat - you know how heavy those things are) and used it twice, both times rather unsuccessfully before it found its new home at the op shop. I swore I'd never buy one, that it was a waste of space but ahem... Here I go again :-)

This time it wasn't the lure of a free crockpot but Pinterest that sucked me in. All these easy sounding winter recipes that kept popping up on my feed - I wanted some of that! Then, a friend made some pulled pork for dinner one night and I was sold on that meal alone.

I'm no chef but I'm not a beginner either - I love to cook and bake and love trying new things. But, I'm a little scared of crockpot cooking. I don't really know where to start. So far I've made pulled pork - the leftovers of which made an awesome pizza, and a tomato/basil/parmesan soup. The soup is something I could've done on the stove but not having to check it constantly and the smell that filled the house from it simmering away all day was pretty awesome.

So I need some crockpot assistance - do you have one & has it been useful? What are your favourite recipes? I'd love some inspiration!


  1. I really love my crock pot. Mine was a wedding gift 5 years ago and I still use it all the time. Some things I love are:
    *Barbecue Chicken: Chicken Breast + BBQ sauce 5-6 hours
    *Pot Roast
    *Potatoes and Ranch : small potatoes, Ranch seasoning packet,sourcream 4-5 hours.

    I try pinterest recipes all the time! They are for the most part all good.


  2. I have a couple recipes on my blog...pulled pork and chicken scarpariello. Both are delicious!

  3. I have a couple recipes on my blog...pulled pork and chicken scarpariello. Both are delicious!

  4. I am just starting out on the crockpot too. I have had a couple of so so results (whole chicken and a rice dish which I over seasoned) but I did have success with some pork ribs with an orange marmalade and worcestershire sauce marinade. Good luck with it

  5. Ooooh I looooveeee my crockpot! I've got a few good recipes for ya. I'll round them up and email you. :)

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with my crockpot. I love the convenience of it...but always end up less than impressed with the results. Everything seems to turn out with a similar flavour, no matter what type of seasoning I use. I'll get in a routine of using it and then put it away for months to take a break from it. Maybe it's just me though. Most people swear by theirs and everything looks so delicious on Pinterest!

    My favourite fool proof use for it-- mulled apple cider or wine at Christmas! Yum!


  7. I have beef stew in my crockpot for supper right now :) So just throw the ingredients in, turn it on, and enjoy a meal a few hours later!

  8. Man, oh man, do I love my Crock Pot! Both Tim and I like to cook out of it, and being that he's away for work for weeks at a time, I can make one meal that will last Maile and I for a few days using the Crock Pot.

    Most of my favorite Crock Pot recipes can be found on the blog Skinnytaste. If you aren't following, make sure you do! I've never made one of Gina's recipes (Crock Pot or otherwise) that wasn't "a keeper", as we call our favorite recipes. :)

    Have fun with your Crock Pot!

  9. OH EM GEE. Crock pots are the shiz!!! I is mine at least weekly. Some sort of meat plus some sort of soup mix equals instant dinner with almost zero effort!

    So glad you followed me, I just may be your newest blog stalker :)


  10. Crock pots are the best! I love using them for freezer meals :) {here's a few on my blog if you're interested:}

  11. We use a crockpot around here quite regularly. I have a couple, and they make feeding my family so much easier. We even used a small one as a bottle warmer when the boys were younger.
    Some of my favorite things to make in the crockpot are roast, fajitas (both posted on my blog), chili, shredded chicken/homemade broth, applesauce/butter, Italian chicken (hubby's absolute fave, I'll e-mail you the recipe).
    Also, check out She has great recipes, make sure to read all the way through to her verdict on the recipe. Two of my favorites are Baked Potato Soup, and Peanut Chile Meatballs. Yum!
    p.s. When I know i may be pressed for time the next day, I'll put everything into the crockpot the night before, and put it into the fridge. Just make sure to let it sit out at room temp for about an hour so the pot isn't too cold.
    Good Luck!


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