Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry & bright

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

We had a pretty relaxed day - opening presents, eating yummy food and just enjoying each others company :-) Mr Oliver was in a great mood all day; I think the present Santa delivered was a huge success...

By the time this goes to post, we will (hopefully) be part way across the country - yup, it's road trip time! About a week ago I randomly suggested to the husband that we drive to the grand canyon for the heck of it and well... we kinda ran with the idea! It's gonna be cold outside and we'll be cooped up in the car with an active 16 month old, are we crazy? Only time will tell. So this space will be a little quiet until we return in the new year - until then, enjoy the holiday season :-)


  1. Have a safe trip, have fun and Happy New Year!

  2. Happy travels! Santa brought that car to our house too!

  3. Such a cute baby!! Happy holidays btw :)

  4. Great pictures! I can't wait until my daughter is Olivers age. Will be a whole different ball game.
    Thanks for linking up at this weeks Friday Chaos!
    I'm now a new follower.


  5. What sweet photos, the little guy is so ready to roll. Safe travels to ya.

    I made it my silly little goal to stop by to follow and say "hey" to every mom on the Bloggy Mom December link up. It's a bit insane but I'm glad to have discovered many a sweet blog. We are such an amazing resource, we moms.

    If you'd like we're gathering for An Aloha Affair , a sweet sharing of joy and a meaningful sort of growing together. Come grow with us.

    Happy New Year to You and Yours.

  6. enjoy the trip and see you in the new year :)

  7. have a great trip! your little guy is so cute!


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