Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What a year

Twenty twelve - what a year. Perhaps it's best described in the 'words' of Mr Oliver in his Christmas card letter...

Hi everyone! Mr Oliver here.

I thought I would start a tradition of writing a Christmas letter because Mumma can be pretty slack sometimes. She always says she will email people but whenever I catch her at the computer, she is either blogging or uploading photos. So I'm taking matters into my own hands. Here goes...

This has been a busy year! In January I was half way through my first ever visit to the motherland where I had a blast being carried around by my cousins and doted upon by my grandparents, aunties & uncles. It was really hot and I loved not having to wear millions of layers every time I left the house.

In February Mumma & Dadda celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary. They were pretty busy packing up our house in Holland so didn't get a chance to go away but I did crash their date night. I dressed up in my finest, munched on some bread and flirted with the waitress all night.

In March we moved from the Netherlands to the USA. This was a big change but personally I think I handled it like a champ. I mean, I only spent one week waking up at 4am to party. The flight was an interesting experience though. The grumpy old Dutch businessman sitting beside me on the plane wasn't too happy when he saw me approach with my packets of rusks, but after 11 hours in a confined space and Dadda quickly whisking me away every time I made a suspect noise, I think he succumbed to my charms.

In April Dadda started his new job. I think this must be his first 'real' job because he traded in his daggy tees for some casual button ups at work. Mumma took me to a bunch of different playgroups where I met some interesting characters and had my first taste of frozen foods from giant supermarket chains. We soon joined a really fun group although I am the youngest. It's cool though - everyone gives me lots of attention and acts like I have a really exotic name. I don't think they understand Mumma's accent sometimes.

In May I met some extended family for the first time, all the way from a place called Tasmania. I had fun playing with the kids and we visited a Jelly Bean factory but Mumma ate all my free tasters! I also left Mumma for the first time this month. She started going to this mothers group thing because apparently moving to a new country means you need to make new friends. I began going to the nursery every week and I don't know why she cried when she dropped me off. I have so much fun playing with all the toys and the workers love me - I mean, everyone loves an Aussie, right?

In June I experienced my first Californian summer. Mumma and Dadda told me it would be really hot like Australia but I was disappointed to find out it wasn't warm enough for me to ditch my pants and crawl around in just my nappy and a Bonds singlet. We did brave the weather though and I started swimming lessons because Mumma and Dadda want me to enjoy the water. All the other kids were crying because of the cold but I laughed and kicked my legs so hard. Mumma took me out of the classes though when the temperature wasn't rising above 60 degrees at class time. I wouldn't say it to her face, but I think she's a bit of a chicken when it comes to cold water.

In July I waved a mini American flag, ate burgers and celebrated Independence Day with my new bestie! We also went on our first family weekend away in our new country and visited Lake Tahoe. I ate some sand, charmed a few tourists and cried for the stressful 6 hour drive home in traffic and bush fires.

August was the best month this year because I TURNED ONE!!!! Yep, I'm a big boy now. I even have 12 teeth. I like to remind my parents of this fact constantly by leaving cool toothie imprints on their arms and feet but they don't seem to appreciate my artwork. I spent a month in Australia with my family and friends and blessed a few of them with a dose of American hand foot and mouth disease. Mumma was very upset and felt terrible, but I only got a couple of spots and a fever for a day. I got to meet my newest cousin, Jack and spent my first couple of weeks away from Dadda. Mumma says she missed him loads, but I missed him even more!

In September I accompanied Mumma on a flight alone to San Francisco. It was only meant to be 17 hours in total but just when I was getting comfy on the flight, our plane decided it didn't want to take off on the runway and we got to spend the night in the airport. I don't know why she was so nervous about the trip with me though, I had a blast! I got to sleep on her lap, throw cheerios at sleeping passengers, play in cool playgrounds in airports and a nice old lady even snuck me some Red Rooster chips through the crack between seats. I also had my worst flying experience ever this month. I had only been home a few days and just getting to know my new birthday toys when Mumma & Dadda took me on ANOTHER plane to Portland. It was a long hour, for both my family and all the other passengers on the maxi taxi style plane. I just didn't want to sit still in such a confined space and wanted to share that fact with everyone else.

October was a busy month! I got to play lots of dress ups. I dressed up as a koala, a hiker and Captain Jack Sparrow. My trike even became the Black Pearl. I collected a big bag of candy but when I woke up the morning after Halloween there were only wrappers left. Mumma said the candy fairy took it. Next year, I'm not going to sleep after we get home and will make sure my stash stays safe. I also decided that pumpkins are pretty cool this month. But don't you think 'ping' is a much better term for them? I love pointing them out to my parents, every time I see one in a shop or on someones doorstep. I don't know why they don't get as excited as I do, pumpkins are cool. I also started walking this month. Everyone seems to think it's a big deal, but I act like I've been doing it since the day I was born. Mumma also took everyones advice finally and started selling her 'softies' this month. I think she's pretty chuffed with all the support she got, especially from me. I love testing out all the toys she makes. She even lets me keep the rejects.

In November we spent some time thinking about what we are thankful for. I think Mumma & Dadda have a lot to be thankful for. I mean, c'mon - I have huge dark brown eyes, blonde curls and love giving out kisses. Old ladies in the checkout lines at the supermarket like to tell me I'm gonna be a little heartbreaker one day. I'll assume that's a compliment.

December is going to be a fun month. Dadda gets time off work and I think there will be a pretty tree in our house with lots of shiny things on it. My parents seem sad that they are so far away from family during the holidays but I think my Christmas plans will cheer them up. I'm not going to sleep on Christmas Eve - apparently there is this Santa dude who drops presents down your chimney. Now, we don't have a chimney. I need to make sure he doesn't bypass our house so Mumma and Dadda can get plenty of Christmas cheer!

2012 was a really fun year. I grew lots and it was busy and full of changes but I've had some great experiences and made lots of new friends. I hope 2013 is just as exciting. Merry Christmas everybody!

Oliver (& family)

Both Mitch and I feel like it's been a crazy year. Full of emotions. Goodbyes to old friends and making new ones. It feels like it's been a year of paperwork, of setting up. Two trips to Australia. It feels like we've done hardly any (holiday) travel. Our travel wish list just keeps getting bigger, not smaller.

I'm excited about 2013. The prospect of not having to move countries is pretty exciting; it's nice to be staying put for awhile. We've got a few big trips in mind and ideas for little local ones on the side. Lots of plans, thoughts, ideas... I can't wait ;-)

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Wow - You had a very event-filled year! Happy New Year to you and your family:) That was a very sweet letter from Oliver's perspective.

  2. Oh my gosh, Oliver's letter made my day and made me crack up where you mentioned how everyone treats him like he has an exotic name and can't understand your accent. When I first had my son and didn't know any moms, we went to this free storytime playgroup at a library that I found on Google. There was a mom there who had just moved from Finland and we got to talking because my best friend is from Finland. No one could understand this woman. When she said her son's name was Oliver, they sang to him as "Oh-liv-uh" (like "say hello to Ohlivuh, say hello to Ohlivuh" in the welcome song at the beginning of the class). I died laughing.

  3. This is such a fun post from you, Oliver! ;)

    Happy New Year!

  4. What a sweet letter! I love how creative you were to write all of that from his prospective. :)

  5. What a fun recap letter of the last year. It truly sounds like yall had a wonderful year & I hope this year holds so much amazingness for you and your family! Thank you for linking up to the mommy brain mixer!

  6. Hehe! This is a cute post!

    Thanks for linking up,
    The Mrs
    Host of Mommy Moments Blog Hop


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