Sunday, December 29, 2013


"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Oliver: Apparently the silly season is exhausting when you're only two - the little guy put George down for a nap and proceeded to also lay himself down for a (fake) sleep :-)

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

la petite bump {28 weeks}

How many weeks? 28 weeks.

Baby's size and weight? 14.8 inches / 2.22 pounds (37.6cm / 1005 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? TBD after Christmas... :-(

Symptoms? Pregnancy wise, I've been feeling pretty good these past couple of weeks. No more nausea - hooray! I've been quite tired, but being quite pregnant in the middle an Aussie summer will do that to you. I had a day of dizziness/cramping earlier this week along with a lot of braxton hicks, but I think that was mostly due to dehydration and exhaustion. After a day of rest and remembering to drink more water, I felt much better. General sickness wise though, our little family has had it rough since we arrived. I've had the flu and sunburn so severe I couldn't walk, Mitch got bad eczema turned nasty staph infection and then Oliver got school sores. I've been hoping & praying that I don't catch it and so far, so good. I'm seriously thinking we are allergic to Australia though, every trip in the past few years we have gotten some kind of nasty illness!

Movement? Lots! He's getting a lot stronger these days too - kicks are becoming pretty forceful/uncomfortable at times, but I still don't think I'll ever tire of movement :-)

The best thing? Mitch and I got away on our first overnight getaway this past week! Although I've been away on girls weekends and he's had work trips away from the kiddo, we've never been away overnight at the same time. It was BLISS! We stayed at the Sheraton Noosa - the last time we stayed there was on our honeymoon - and had a much needed and well overdue getaway. I think we could make this an Aussie holiday tradition... :-) (although next time, the littlest bubba will probably need to come with us!).

The most difficult thing? Sickness. Although being sick myself is awful, seeing Mitch and Oliver with these nasty lesions the past week has been worse. The doctor reassured me that if I catch it while pregnant, there is no harm done to the baby but naturally, I have still been really cautious because it looks so painful!

Appointments? Nothing until the new year.

Looking forward to? I am looking forward to a break from the heat - as much as I love being in Australia, being this far along in the summer heat isn't always pleasant. I much prefer summer to winter and I always will, but I'm just not used to the humidity anymore. Summers in California are WAY different to Qld!

Bump comparison? 28 weeks pregnant with Oliver on the left vs 28 weeks with this little guy on the right - eeeeek! I feel like I'm going to end up overtaking the size of my bump with Oliver...

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"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Oliver: Finally finding his feet as a water baby at Noosa River - he's never been a huge fan of the beach/pool until this trip, but now he can't get enough of it!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013


"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Oliver: Eyeing off his first attempt at decorating at gingerbread house (with his cousins) - a lolly induced sugar high quickly followed this photo!

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"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Oliver: Drawing & digging in the sand at Mooloolaba - this kiddo is loving the experience of an Aussie summer!

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

la petite bump {26 weeks}

How many weeks? 26 weeks down, 14 (or less now - I'm a bit late with this post) to go!

Baby's size and weight? 14.02 inches / 1.68 pounds (35.6 cm / 760 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? Unknown - I've been tracking my weight on wii fit which I obviously don't have here with me and quite honestly, I'm very happy to take a break from the scales while we are on holidays during the Christmas season!

Symptoms? I've been sick for the last couple of weeks and I'm still not 100% - I had the flu before we flew out to Australia last week and although I'm not feeling 'sick' as such, I am still SO congested. Sleep at night has become really difficult as I'm waking up multiple times a night due to having trouble breathing. Really hoping & praying that it eases off soon. In general though, I'm not feeling too bad. Still a little tired, but I think that's more from interrupted sleep overnight rather than jetlag.

Movement? The littlest guy kicked me for 14+hours straight on the first flight over (lets just say he didn't appreciate the cramped way I was sitting on the plane) and has had lots of bouts of hiccups in the past week. I'm still feeling plenty of movement, but mostly at night when I lay down.

The best thing? It was a long sleepless flight to Brisbane, but so worth it - it's just so good to be back in the land down under again and this time with the bump! The trip is already flying by though, we've been gone more than a week already. I'm really hoping it slows down from here on out!!!

The most difficult thing? Feeling so congested still :-( I seriously have gotten sick EVERY time we have been back to Australia in the past 4 years so I'm a starting to wonder if I'm allergic to the country...

Appointments? Nothing until we get back - I see my dr again early in the new year. I did my glucose test & bloods before we left and other then being anaemic (surprise surprise - no wonder I've been so tired!) everything was looking great.

Looking forward to? Mitch and I are hoping to escape for a night soon to Noosa, our favourite place for a getaway. It'll be the first time we've been away from Oliver overnight together, eeeek!

Bump comparison? 26 weeks with Oliver on the left vs 26/27 weeks with this little guy on the right... Once again - right on track!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Oliver: Digging potatoes with GranJohn - this kiddo is loving being outside in the Aussie summer instead of cooped up at home!

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Thursday, November 28, 2013


This week is a week to be thankful - and although I'm sad we'll be missing our second ever turkey day, I'm also very thankful as it means we'll be en route to the land down under!

This little old blog here will probably be a bit neglected over the coming weeks, as we spend time catching up with family and friends back in Australia. Although the thought of the flight right now is really not appealing (sick + pregnant + toddler + 16hrs cooped up on a plane), I know it's going to be worth it - bring on summer holidays! This pregnant mama cannot wait to get back to the beach...

Happy Thanksgiving all :-)

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Oliver: Munching on his latest food obsession = an apple on a fork, aka the 'apple walleypop' as he likes to call it. Unfortunately, spearing a piece of broccoli on the fork doesn't have quite the same appeal for this kid...

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Friday, November 22, 2013

la petite bump {24 weeks}

How many weeks? 24 weeks. Or maybe 25. I don't know, I have 2 due dates a week or so apart but I think officially we are now going with the earlier one.

Baby's size and weight? 11.81 inches / 1.32 pounds (30cm / 600 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? 10.6kg / 23.3lbs. A brochure I got from the dr said that for my BMI, I should gain 25-35lbs during pregnancy. Hmmmmm.... I'm feeling like I'll be well on the upper end of that, if not over as baby starts getting so much bigger from this point on. My bump so far is pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Ollie, but I just feel so much bigger all over this time. With Ollie I gained a total of 37lbs and I felt really good with that, so we'll see what happens this time around.

Symptoms? So in the last 2 weeks I was really feeling better. No throwing up, more energy... Then on Monday I started feeling achey. Sore throat. Nauseous. Tuesday I woke up with that good old ivebeenhitbyatruck feeling... Ugh. Hello, flu season. Can I just say that pregnancy + the flu sucks? Seriously, if we can plan it next time around, I do not want to be pregnant during the winter months!!! I was really hoping I could avoid any sickness as we have a 15 hour flight to get through in less than a week!!! Mr Oliver hasn't been well either, I'm just praying that it all clears up (and Mitch stays healthy) before next Wednesday. We've made 2 trips to Australia in the past 4 years and both times I've gotten really sick, so I'm just going with the theory that I'm getting my sickness over and done with early this time. I'm can be hopeful, right?

Movement? Lots of rolling, kicking and hiccups... And according to Mr Oliver, baby brother is singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in utero. He pulled up my shirt the other day, lay his head on my bump and about 10 seconds later told me that baby brother was singing :-) My ob told me that in around 2 weeks time, I'll feel a lot less movement as there will be more fluid in there cushioning the feeling. I don't remember being told this with Oliver, we'll see what happens! The nurse also gave me a kick chart to start recording movement from 28 weeks on - again, I was never given anything like this with Oliver.

The best thing? We actually decided on a NAME!!! We'd narrowed the list down to 2 names awhile back but couldn't decide between them, one being a name we had picked for Oliver but didn't use and the other being a family name that has an American feel to it. After mulling it over, we both felt a stronger calling towards one name over the other and I *think* it's decided... YAY!!!

The most difficult thing? Honestly? Putting all my (pretty) regular bras into storage. I think I shed more tears over this then my jeans!!! I had been delaying this as long as possible and it really should have been done weeks ago, as I am busting out of everything I own and in agony by the end of the day from the underwire. I kept a couple of newer maternity bras from when I finished nursing and I've been living in them, but I desperately need to go shopping for more. Any suggestions on where to buy the best (comfiest) non-underwire nursing bras?

Appointments? I had my 24 week appointment this week and all looks well. We didn't get to see baby but listened to the heartbeat and growth all seems to be on track. I am going back in just before we leave to get my letter to fly, the 1hr glucose test and more blood work, and everything else they are going to just delay until 30 weeks when we return. My next appointment is 2 days after we get back so it'll only be 6 weeks or so between appointments. At least we'll be in Australia so if anything happens, I know I'm in good hands - unlike the scare we had at 29 weeks while holidaying in Croatia... Something I never want to experience again.

Looking forward to? It might seem silly, but I am really looking forward to showing the bump to my family in Australia! I went through an entire pregnancy with Oliver overseas and not one family member saw me pregnant. I'm also really just looking forward to spending some time back in Aus - especially as it will be SUMMER there!

Bump comparison? 24 weeks with Oliver on the left vs 24 weeks with this new little guy on the right... Right on track!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

What will it bee?

Babies are in the air at the moment. Not only am I pregnant (and half the blogs I read) but quite a few friends both over here and in Australia are expecting within the next few months. One of my sweet friends in my small group is due very soon - on Christmas Day in fact - and so last weekend we had the pleasure of throwing her a sprinkle to celebrate this new little one. Although the weather has been miserable this week, Sunday was thankfully a lovely sunny day, allowing us to enjoy a gender neutral what will it bee? themed party in the backyard!

Thanks to everyone for pitching in on the yummy afternoon tea and also a big shout out to my great decor team! And... a very big congrats to the mama-to-be, I can't wait to meet this new little babe on our return!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second trimester must haves

By the time we return from Australia, I'll have hit my third trimester. That's just plain scary - this pregnancy has been flying by! Although the second trimester has been more enjoyable than the first trimester, I didn't feel such a huge change (or 'glow') like I did with Oliver and just like during the first 12 weeks, there are a few items that have been essential during these past weeks...

1. Baby Names book: we didn't start thinking names this pregnancy until we found out the gender. But as soon as I knew this little one was a boy, I wanted to get the list of names narrowed down! I had this book from my pregnancy with Oliver (hence, the 2011 edition) and it's been a great starting point although to be honest, we do just consult google a lot of the time.

2. Maternity jeans: there is no way a belly band is cutting it - maternity jeans have been a must for me these past couple of months. I've bought a few pairs this pregnancy (as I stupidly got rid of most of my maternity wear) but these skinny leg ones from Motherhood Maternity are by far my favourite. Now that the weather is cooler, I live between these & my black maternity leggings - well, when I can be bothered to get out of my trackies!

3. Gym ball/birth ball: although it gets worse in the third trimester when the bump is really bulging, some days I find that I just can't comfy on the couch or chair: hello, birth ball. I bought mine in the Netherlands at our hypnobirthing course, but a regular gym ball works too. The advantage of the birth ease ball is that it won't suddenly burst and leave you on the floor; if there's a problem, it'll deflate slowly. I don't necessarily sit on mine: I prefer to be on the rug on my knees and hang my upper body over the ball and slowly rock. It really helps with the pelvic pain and is also great for encouraging baby to move/stay head down.

4. Long, comfy t-shirts: I didn't buy a single maternity shirt when I was pregnant with Oliver and now I'm wondering why?!?! I've invested in a handful this time around from Target and Motherhood and I feel like they show off my bump better - plus, they are super comfy. My personal favourite is a Liz Lange tunic that I picked up in the clearance section at Target awhile back, it's really long so can be worn with leggings and is really soft.

5. Heat pack: the pelvic pain & backache has begun for me during the second trimester. After Oliver goes to bed, I love to just sit down on the couch with a cuppa and a heat pack to relieve the aches & pains that are part and parcel of pregnancy (and often seem worsened from picking up and running around after a 2 year old all day). I love my wheat pack that I bought in Holland but haven't been able to find anything similar here, except a DIY version that sounds easy enough to whip up.

6. Notebook: I am forever thinking of questions I want to ask my doctor, or things I need to do before the baby is born. I do use my phone to maintain my ongoing to-do list but I prefer to be a bit old fashioned and write things down in a nice notebook. Mine is forever changing as I use them up so fast, but my current one is just from the $1 bin at Target.

Mamas, what are your second trimester must haves?

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The mop

This one has been a loooong time coming. For the past few months, I have been saying that I'd take Oliver to the hairdresser for his first haircut but I just couldn't bring myself to make the appointment. It took so long before this kid actually got any real hair; cutting off his beautiful curls just seemed so sad! But with his mop resembling Krusty the clown more than half the time and our upcoming trip to Australia, I just knew I couldn't put it off any longer.

Before: some days he has a head of gorgeous curls, other days it's just frizz that sticks out the sides and back, frizz that's long enough for me to put in a pony tail (not that I've tried or anything... ;) ).

After: it was only a little trim (the hairdresser didn't want to mess with his apparent 'surfer' look) but it amazed me just how much older he looked with a few little snips. I took him to a children's hairdresser, given it was his first experience and it was worth every penny. He got to play with trains, watch Curious George and even got a lollipop and toy car 'prize' to take home. We've set the standards high for hairdressing visits... I'm not sure whether that's a good thing!

It feels like a long time since we've had any major firsts in my boys life, but at 2 years and almost 3 months, his first haircut is now done and dusted. I didn't expect myself to feel so emotional seeing those fine little blonde locks falling to the ground but I'm loving his big boy look all the same!

And yes... I did keep a little bag of his hair. Is that creepy? I can't stomach the thought of keeping teeth (and we definitely did not keep the umbilical stump!) but just in case his hair does end up dark like his Dadda, I want to remember his days of being my little blonde, curly haired bubba.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013


"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Oliver: Doing his best impersonation of a dinosaur at the San Francisco Zoo... ROAR!!!

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Saturday, November 9, 2013


"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Oliver: Dinner time in this household currently involves bringing all of your Thomas trains and fire engines to the table - this boy is obsessed!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

la petite bump {22 weeks}

How many weeks? 22 weeks, 18 (or less?) to go - the downward count has begun!

Baby's size and weight? 10.94 inches / 15.17 ounces (27.8cm / 430 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? 10.3kg / 22.7lbs. Weight gain has gone up a lot in the last fortnight - could be because I weighed myself at night, after dinner (instead of in the morning like usual) or it could just be that I've done a lot of baking and eaten a whole lot of Halloween candy...

Symptoms? Morning sickness. STILL. Ugh. It's definitely nowhere near as bad as it was - in fact, now that I think about it - I haven't thrown up since last week. Please please please let this be the end of it!!!!

The pelvic pain has started early too - I had SPD with Oliver but it didn't get severe until around 35 weeks. By that point, the physio told me that the only thing that would get rid of it was birthing the baby so I just had to live with the pain. It's not as bad yet and mostly flares up when I've overdone it the day before, but some mornings I am having to sit down to get dressed because of the pain. A wheat pack at night is helping keep it manageable at the moment which I'm thankful for.

Movement? So much!!! He flipped last week - he had been breech and all the kicks I had been feeling had been really low, but I'm 99.9% certain he turned around because now I'm getting really solid kicks higher up. He is a real little mover and shaker, much like his big brother was!

The best thing? Other than all the movement (which can also now be seen, not just felt!), getting a real start on the nursery has been a highlight. Last week I made cot & co-sleeper sheets and I finished the cot blanket yesterday. I've also got ideas for wall decor but yet to order anything. The cot & change table are looking awesome too - loving the grey colour! The room is currently a blank canvas (except for my new Ikea chair/footstool and rug) but I won't put anything in there until we get back in the new year.

The most difficult thing? Slowing down; forcing myself to slow down. In a sense, it's been the best thing - I am getting more rest and making myself take naps a couple of times a week. But I'm a doer and I find it hard saying no to things and having intentional 'home' days on our own. Ollie is thriving though - he seems much happier and it's being really helping with the potty training. I feel frustrated though because I want to do so much and have all these ideas floating around, but I know I need to rest while I can. In only a matter of months, I'm going to have a toddler AND a newborn with no family around. I'd be kidding myself if I didn't think there were going to be challenges ahead.... So rest it is, for now!

Appointments? My next one is in 2 weeks - I haven't actually seen my ob-gyn since I was 13 weeks so I'm looking forward to this appointment and just getting a few (non urgent) questions answered, especially as we leave for Australia when I am 25 weeks and will be gone for the rest of the year.

Looking forward to? My next appointment! I doubt I'll have an ultrasound - in the Netherlands, I had one at every single appointment, but here it seems to be more limited. My dr said none are given routinely after 20 weeks! It just feels like a really long time since I've seen the dr so it'll be good to have that done before flying.

Bump comparison? 22 weeks pregnant with Oliver on the left vs 22 weeks with this little guy on the right :-)

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