Thursday, January 24, 2013


We're getting closer to one and a half - Mr Oliver is now 17 months!!! This month, the little man...

... showed us what a good little traveler he is. He handled all the driving on our canyon country road trip like a champ - in fact, the worst part of the trip was the last 10 minutes when he totally lost the plot. Until that point, he was a happy little camper, much to our relief. He's passed the test - now we can plan another big road trip!

... started groovin'. He's really into his dancing nowadays - he does look a bit awkward (yep, he takes after his uncoordinated mother) but he just loves doing it. If he hears a song when we're out, he'll often stop walking to stand and dance on the spot for a moment and at home he gets the 'mote' (remote) and tries to switch the stereo on for some dance music. He'll only dance to the first 10 seconds of each song though, then he loses interest until the next one comes on.

... is still a little chatterbox. As one of the nursery workers said to me recently - Oliver has something to say about everything! New words this month include a lion noise, mote (remote), moon, hair, down, cream, don't, goat and heyyyy. We were in line at Target last week when he waved to the lady behind us and said heyyyy. She looked at me in astonishment and was like, DO YOU KNOW HE TALKS?!?! Ummm... Yes! He's my kid after all!

... doesn't like sharing his food. I've been known to grab a bite or two off Mitch's plate over the years (hey - you snooze, you lose) but Mr Oliver doesn't appreciate this habit. Try to take a nibble and you'll be met with a stern don't.

... has been perfecting his flirting skills. Ask him where his eyes are and he'll bat his long pretty lashes at you.

... refused to share his Mumma. I was holding a friends baby and although he had been playing happily, he raced over from the other side of the room in a jealous fit when he noticed my arms were full. A meltdown took place until the baby was out of my arms and he was back in them.

... grew up. I don't know what happened, but he seemed to take a big leap with his confidence and independence. Now when we go to the playground, he hops out of the stroller and is off to the equipment without a second thought. He climbs on his own. Slides down the slide on his own... My big boy.

... loves poking his tongue out. Ask him what's in his mouth and he happily obliges by opening up wide and sticking his tongue out. If he clamps shut and runs off, it usually means there's something in there he doesn't want to share (ie chewed book pages).

... decided that 3-4 hour naps were a thing of the past. Now we get 1.5hrs on a good day :-( He's also been having sleep issues in general with wanting to party every night from 10pm-ish and not sleeping through the night. He's had holidays, been teething and sick so I think it's a number of factors contributing but lets just say, it's not much fun.

... did a wee on the toilet a few times! We're in no hurry to toilet train but for the past month he had been showing signs of awareness with what he's doing. We bought a toilet trainer seat (because personally, I just couldn't stomach the thought of cleaning a potty although we'll use one if the need arises) and he's been happily sitting on there like a big boy every night since we got home. At this stage, we're just getting him used to the idea of being on there and if something happens, he gets rewarded. Nothing - we move on.

... had toothy #16 finally pop through. He now has all his teeth except the 2 year molars which are currently giving him grief (this is partly why we think he's having sleep issues). His little hand is always in the back of his mouth and I can feel the hard lumps :-( Molars are seriously hard work.

... has learnt how to give out eskimo kisses. I've been trying to teach him how to blow kisses for awhile with no success and one day showed him what an eskimo kiss was. Well, he loves it. He regularly comes up to me, wiggling his nose for a kiss and it's just so sweet!

... started playing peekaboo properly. He even has the BOO bit down pat. We often hear little cries of boo coming out from his bedroom, I go in to discover he has lined up his cars and is playing peekaboo with them from behind another toy. Cute, much?

Sleep and sickness aside, this has actually been a really good month. Until the last week (being stuck indoors + sick = cranky toddler), it felt like we've had less tantrums and more peaceful moments. Here's to another good month - happy 17 months baby boy!


  1. Oh my goodness. too adorable! He's gonna be quite the flirt, already batting his eyelashes! Stopping by from the blog hop! I am going to go like you on facebook now!

  2. Brixton just learned how to give Eskimo kisses as well! And he went wee in his little toilet. I was waaay more excited than he was! Voted for you!

  3. I am SO with you on not cleaning a potty seat! We also bought one to sit on the actual toilet, and it's been great! :)

    I love to see babies dancing! It's the cutest!! LP's signature dance is the wobble. ;)

  4. hello dear… happy new year! I was navegating and I saw your blog, you have a great blog and style, please come visit my blog and if you like it let me know if you want us to follow each other ok!

  5. We just passed that party all night stage. Boy am I glad its over! Just bear with it, it will pass soon.
    Your little guy is so cute! Love the hat.

  6. How on earth do you handle all that cuuuute!?!

  7. Happy 17 months Oliver and what a cutie you are! I love all the little milestones that they have!


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