Friday, January 18, 2013

Currently {17.01.13}

Loving: I think I need to change this to not loving for this week. Right now, I am not loving the flu season. All three of us are sick this week and I'm not enjoying it! Little boy is cranky, which means I'm cranky. Mitch even stayed home yesterday... Given that I can probably count the number of sick days he's taken in the past 10 years on one hand, I know he mustn't be feeling well.

Reading: I just finished Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. This was actually the first one of hers I read years ago. I feel like I got more out of it this time - I watched the entire season of Breaking Amish last year and I guess it feels like I had a little more of an insight into the culture reading it second time around.

Watching: Fringe!!! This would have to be my one of my all time favourite series (Alias being #1) and it's sadly coming to an end tomorrow night. It was a show that took me awhile to get into; you have to persevere with the first 2 seasons but it's worth it. The final season has been pretty darn good (and I'm also a huge fan because of the Aussie cast!).

Listening to: Well, last week I was introduced to the world of American children's music: artists local to the bay area at a mall concert we went to for playgroup. There was a guy with a rather big ego and a rip off of The Wiggles. Ummmm.... Oliver seemed to enjoy it but I can't say I'm a big fan of kids music.

Creating: I've really just been working on re-stocking my shop lately. Nothing out of the ordinary. I still want to try out the designs I mentioned last time, but 2 weeks on and it still hasn't happened!

Thinking about: We are seriously thinking about moving house now. I don't know where to begin, but basically the house we live in (despite being 'new' when we moved in) is really dodgy. We are noticing more and more problems and unlike typical agreements, any repairs necessary (even not caused by us) are at our own cost. We've also come to realise that the price we pay is significantly higher then what we could be paying, even in this area, so it's time to move on before a wall caves in on us. I've been keeping an eye on Craigslist weekly to see what's around, how quickly places go, what prices are like etc but we still have a couple of months left before our contract goes month to month. Although I vowed that 2013 would be a year of staying put, we're starting to feel that a move may be in our best interests *sigh*

Making me happy: Hugs + eskimo kisses + tickles + pats on the back = my affectionate baby boy :-)

Looking forward to: Spring. I'm so over winter already. I hate scraping the ice off the car early in the morning. I hate that my hands and feet never seem to get warm enough, no matter how many socks I wear. I hate having to layer up. I'm ready for balmy days & mild nights, birkies, shorts & the beauty of spring flowers...

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  1. I can't wait for Spring either. No more cold weather and I'm tired of being sick. Thanks for joining the blog hop. Btw, I am co-hosting a jewelry swap. If you'd like to participate - Bauble Swap!

  2. New Follower!! Found you through the Weekend Blog Hop.. when you have time check out my blog at and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy Thursday!

  3. I listen to a lot of kids music (and tv shows), they actually drive some people crazy, but me, I actually catch myself humming the songs even when my tot isn't around! :) Danica

  4. Move to Texas!! We have 2 houses for sale in our neighborhood, and 1 even has a pool! ;)

    I used to watch Fringe all the time, but it's one of those shows that you really have to pay close attention to, or you're lost. So I haven't watched it the last 2 seasons.

    So sorry y'all are dealing with the flu. I know how much it stinks to see your sweet boy not feeling well. :( Question about the flu an American problem? Or is it common in other places you have lived also?

    I hope you feel better, my friend!

  5. I loved Plain Truth! Jodi P is one of my favorite authors. She's the one I go to when I want a compelling read. All of her books have such powerful messages, add a fictional story, SOLD!
    p.s. Good luck house hunting, can be such an overwhelming task sometimes.

  6. our children are the same age group and i recognize how affectionate they are at this age. AOI cuddles us all the time, just love it


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