Thursday, January 31, 2013

D-Day is approaching...

D-Day is quickly approaching - our Disney trip is coming up next month!!!

Next month, my two best friends from high school are coming over to visit and to say I am excited really and truly is an understatement!!! Having lived overseas for almost three years now, the time I get to spend with my old friends is precious and we've all been counting down the sleeps to this trip for some time.

Technically speaking, this isn't my first Disney trip. In 2008 I went to Eurodisney in Paris - coincidentally, with these same girls :-)

Are you sensing a theme here? We couldn't get a single decent photo of all three of us the entire day!

This is my first trip however to the real deal - Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It's also Mitch and Mr Oliver's very first trip to any form of Disney park. I know that Disneyland with a toddler in tow is likely to be quite a different experience to that of three girls on a we're-having-girls-weekend-in-PARIS! high. Even though he's too young to remember the experience, I can't wait to see Ollie's reaction to the mother of all theme parks.

I'd really LOVE any tips/advice/do's & dont's those who have been here before may have for us! So far we have our hotel booked (within walking distance if we like, otherwise we will have our car to drive & park) but we're yet to book our actual park tickets. We are planning on two days at the park itself. I've heard things about breakfast with Minnie, light shows, themed restaurants but I don't know where to start! Given that we have limited time and a potentially overwhelmed toddler, I want to have some plan of attack as to what's best to see and how to organise ourselves.

Tips, anyone???


  1. I LOVE your Minnie Mouse ears! ;)

    I've only been to Disneyland once. For my senior trip, we went to LA, Santa Monica, and Disneyland. It was so busy that we didn't get to ride hardly anything, but the experience was neat. I would really like to go to Disney World in Florida one day. Maybe when LP is older. :)

  2. Hey there! I'm from California and we go almost every year for 5 day trips... I've blogged about it a few times... long ago (*the first link here had my little girl in a stroller at 6 months old and she's almost 8)

    I think I still need to do one more post on boys in disneyland... thanks for forcing me to go through my archives...


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