Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hoover Dam, Arizona/Nevada

Hoover Dam is one of those places that I wouldn't go out of my way to visit, but seeing as we drove past the exit to it twice on our recent canyon country road trip, well I figured we should take a peek. Once you drive through security, you can either park & pay to do the tour (which wasn't an option for us as the minimum age is 8 years) or drive across to the Arizona side and hope for a free park. Which is what we did, and succeeded :-)

What can I say - it was a dam. It was big. It spans two states...

Can you tell dams are really not my thing? The big bridge behind it was pretty cool though!!!


  1. My hubs and I went here a few years ago when they were starting work on that bridge. The pictures really don't do it justice on how HUGE it is! And dams aren't really my thing either. The whole thing was kind of interesting though!

  2. It's a really cool thing if it's on the way. How did you like the canyon!? I used to live in Flagstaff, AZ so daytrips to the Grand Canyon were a-plenty

  3. at least you took great pictures. they always make places more interesting!

  4. Aw, I've bee there! We used to live in Arizona and drove over the dam on our way to Las Vegas. Such a neat sight, and so crazy to see how that area gets its power!

  5. Love the photos you took. We went last month. :)



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