Friday, February 8, 2013


This was us, 9 years ago today - on February 7th 2004 I said the big I do to the amazing man I now call my husband. The reaction most people give me when I tell them how long we've been married for is a dropped jaw; a HOW old are you again? 

Yes, we got married young - I was 19, he was 20. We met when I was 15, started dating almost a year later, got engaged during our first year of university and married that summer. I used to be reluctant to tell people just long we've been married for as it's not always met with the nicest of comments (imagine whydidyouthrowyourlifeaway type remarks). Believe me, people do judge others for getting married young! But, it was the best decision we have made and I've come to realise that it's nothing to be ashamed of!

We met young and we knew early on that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. It wasn't a question of why get married, but more so - why not? I have a good friend in Australia (who I met after I was married) who has said to me that she never really thought that getting married young could work until she met us. I'll take that as a compliment - although Mitch and I have our ups and downs, getting married young has been a huge blessing to our lives. We didn't have to deal with the potential messes of dating, we've been able to support each other through our studies and we've been able to share so many amazing experiences together. We've traveled the globe together, experienced other cultures, learnt new languages. We've supported each other through so many different events and seen each other at our absolute lowest points as well as the highs. We had years as a couple to work on our own relationship as husband and wife, building a solid foundation before we welcomed our son into the world.

Our marriage is far from perfect and it's a continual work in progress, but I wouldn't change our wedding date for the world. By the time I turn 30, I will have been married to my best friend for more then a decade: that thought makes me a very happy woman indeed...

Happy wedding anniversary to my Mitch xo

And... Happy wedding anniversary to my big sister and brother-in-law! Thank you for letting us celebrate your wedding anniversary by getting married on it six years later - we love you guys!


  1. Congratulations - and may there many happy returns!


  2. Happy Anniversary! I didn't get married young, but I have been with my husband since I was 22 so it really is the same thing. People have such strange opinions/advice when it comes to things like your age to get married or have a baby. Hope you and your husband enjoy a lovely day!!

  3. Happy anniversary, my friend!!! Hubby and I were also 19 & 20 when we married. :)

    People always have an opinion, and I usually roll my eyes. ;) I mostly got it for getting pregnant so quickly after we married, but everyone is different and I wouldn't change my life for anything.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  4. Awesome! What a blessed friendship and love you two must have. Nine years is such an accomplishment. Congratulations, and wishing you many more blessed years together!

  5. Happy anniversary! Getting married young is grand. You'll spend your whole life together :) we got married at 22 and 23.and celebrated 10 years in July

  6. Happy anniversary! Not everyone gets it right from the start. You should be proud. Big congrats!

  7. Happy Anniversary love birds! I never knew you were that young when you got married. We waited forever....but then again did the dating thing with each for 7 years before we finally tied the knot! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating!

  8. We had both turned 20 the month before we got married (we have the same birthday, too!). Married at barely 20, and had our first baby at 23... people do tend to look at me funny when I tell them that. But I don't care because I know it was the perfect thing for us :)
    Most of my "mom friends" are 5 - 10 years older than me... here in Dallas people tend to be career-oriented and have families in their 30's. I sometimes get the feeling that people look down on me for not having a "career" but I try not to let it get to me! Being a momma is completely fulfilling for me.

  9. such a sweet perspective! I married at 22 and felt very young (looking back) but I agree-you grow with your spouse.

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  11. Aww! We don't choose when we fall in love! B and I have been together 14 years and I can't I Gine my life with anyone else. When you know you know!

  12. happy anniversary to you and your love :)


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