Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Another month has passed and Mr Oliver has reached the big 18 months!!! At one and half, our little man...

... thinks every meal is dinner. When it's getting close to breakfast or lunch time, he runs over to the kitchen bench exclaiming din-nah, din-nah, din-nah!

... has three favourite books and doesn't want to read anything else: Cars and Trucks and Things that Go by Richard Scarry, The Gobbledygook is Eating a Book by Justine Clarke and Road Work by Sally Sutton. It's doing my head in, I think these books need to conveniently go missing for awhile!

... has started playing dress ups. He loves wearing my shoes & slippers around the house but also goes into his room and tries on his hats and scarves.

... is starting to use his imagination. Just in the last week, he's started putting his arms out wide and running around the house making plane noises. It's so sweet!

... is obsessed with pouring. He doesn't want to play with any toys in the bath, but will quite happily sit there and pour water between two jugs. He also does the same thing with cheerios and measuring cups in the kitchen - it's amazing what can entertain him sometimes!

... has started quizzing ME on my animal & vehicle noises. Instead of me asking him what noise a cow or truck makes, he will suddenly start shouting either CAR! COW! PLANE! CHICKEN! TRAIN! at me and won't stop til I make the correct noise (he thinks it's just hilarious of course). The tables have been turned indeed.

... thinks that chasing squirrels at the park is funny (Mumma doesn't agree).

... has been fooled into consuming more vegetables by way of 'green' smoothies (lots of fruit blended up with a couple of handfuls of baby spinach). I tell him it's a 'treat' and he skulls the entire thing and walks around saying yum. mmm. yum.

... is getting the hang of Skype. When he wants to talk to Granny, he finds my phone and hands it to me saying Gwanee.

... called me mUmmy for the first time! Not the usual mama, and not Mommy... MUMMY! You have no idea how proud I was to hear that 'u' sound. There is a little bit of Aussie in my third culture kid after all!

It feels like it was only yesterday that I posted this, I have to say it hasn't been the easiest month since. We ended month 17 with a lot of tantrums and they continued on for a good couple of weeks. Not just little every day I'm-not-getting-my-way headbangs, but massive whole body, all limbs kicking, epic meltdowns that lasted 30mins and NOTHING I could offer him would fix it. He was sick, he was tired, he was frustrated and he was letting me know about it. It was exhausting, for both of us. Thankfully, he's back to full health and the tantrums have subsided back into the usual stuff.

He's also started sleeping better, finally - hooray! He slept through the night twice last week and although I was super happy about that fact, I was also kinda cranky that it had to happen just as we were moving again because a big change like a move always puts him out of whack again. Much to my surprise however... He slept 12 HOURS STRAIGHT on our second night in the new house - that's actually his longest stretch. In his entire life. And when he woke up, he chatted happily in his cot for ages. Here's hoping it's the start of some new & improved sleeping habits!

Happy 18 months big boy!


  1. Wow he slept for 12 hours?! That's pretty awesome! My son is 4 years old, but he hasn't slept for more than 8 hours a night. Haha. Treasure it while you can! ;)

  2. Sweet boy! It's so bittersweet how fast they grow.

    I need to start doing smoothies again. It's the only way I can get LP to eat spinach. The other day I rolled a spinach leaf up (dipped in ranch so it wasn't plain) and he chewed it, then spit it out announcing "don't like salad, mommy!".

    Have you made kale chips before? They're super easy, and if I get them crispy enough, LP LOVES them! Maybe you could try that with Oliver.

    Happy 18 months!! :)

  3. He is so adorable! and he seems so grown up for 18 months!!! I don't even think my 17 month old even knows his sounds...I should probably be the one to blame though. lovely blog!

  4. Kids grow so fast, so it's wonderful that you are chronicling each month! I wish I did that with my daughter, because memory of the little yet adorable things do fade! Perhaps I should start now, especially now that I have another baby on board! :)



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