Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Currently {26.02.13}

Loving: Being in our new house, unpacked. Having visitors coming less then 2 weeks after moving meant I had to get organised and unpack quickly! We're loving the house and neighbourhood in general already too - it's not huge, but it just feels 'right'. And Mr Oliver is loving having a backyard finally!

Reading: Does the Lonely Planet USA count?

Watching: Well, we finished watching Downton Abbey *sob*. A new season of The Amazing Race has started (and I think we are both a little bummed that it's just not possible for us to go audition in San Francisco in March, if only the Aussie one had been around in our pre-kiddo days - we would've been trying our hardest to go on it!) so we've been watching that and also started The Following. I'm not entirely convinced - I might like my thrillers but this one is a little too gruesome for me.

Creating: I'm embarrassed to admit that although my sewing machine and fabric is all unpacked... I haven't sewn a thing! My stock is running low and I've cut out a bunch of patterns, but unpacking and cleaning our old house has just gotten in the way of actually sitting down at the machine. It'll be getting dusted off when I'm back from holidays!

Thinking about: All your responses to the survey I posted last week - thank you SO much for filling that out! It's been interesting to read and has definitely helped answer a few questions I had floating around in my head.

Making me happy: The fact that it's almost HOLIDAYS!!! I've still got to clean the house, pack a suitcase and do a bunch of other things but just the thought of being on holidays is making me happy! It's also predicted to be 28 degrees (celsius) on Friday in Anaheim - I'm packing shorts! Why is it that warmer weather always makes a holiday feel more... Holidayish???

Looking forward to: Feeling well again. I feel like I've had a cold or flu or something off and on since Thanksgiving and I'm sick of it. I'm tired of sniffling and coughing and this general feeling of fatigue. You know when you can tell your body is just not itself and something is out of whack physically? Well, that's me right now. I've had blood tests which have been normal so can't quite put my finger on why, but I've been starting to make some diet changes to see if that helps (which are going to be difficult to keep up with over the next few weeks, mind you). Here's hoping the end of the flu season means better health in general.

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  1. Did you watch all of Downton Abbey, even the third season? It is so good. I have been rewatching during the day during Violet's naps. I am addicted.


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