Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nerves of steel?

Next month I'm doing something that I am super excited about - but it also makes me nervous... I'm leaving my sweet baby boy for the first time! Before my friends go back to Australia, we are making the most of their trip and going on a girls weekend to Las Vegas. No boys. No toddlers. Just us girls, a nice hotel, pretty dresses, shopping, cocktails & perhaps some Cirque du Soleil! I haven't been on a girls weekend since before we moved to the Netherlands; it's been a loooooong time and as excited as I am, I have butterflies when I think about actually being apart from Mr Oliver.

If we lived in Australia, I know this is a hurdle we would've already crossed by now - yep, we'd be making the most of having the grandparents (and Aunties) handy for a weekend away. Given our situation though, we've never actually left Ollie with anyone other then the sitter/friends for a couple of hours and since coming home from hospital, I've never been away from him for more then four hours. Four hours. In one and a half years!!! 

Mitch keeps telling me that I deserve this break, that I need it and I agree. It's been a full on 18 months - we've moved countries, moved houses, made new friends, traveled (literally) around the globe. Tried to figure out this whole parenting gig. I'm not complaining; I wouldn't change it for the world, but it's been exhausting. Particularly in recent months - having a strong willed toddler is proving to be challenging.

Part of me can't wait to not be responsible for anyone for an entire weekend. To not have to worry about naptimes or snack times or wiping bottoms or diffusing a temper tantrum. To be able to walk out the door without having to wrangle small arms into a coat or find missing socks. But at the same time, I'm nervous. I know Oliver is going to be fine - he's a Daddy's boy, he practically ignores me whenever Mitch is around so I know he's going to love having Dadda all to himself for a couple of days. I know Mitch is going to be fine - he's an awesome Dad, he's reasonably organised, he is pretty cool, calm and collected even if he does lose his wallet, phone and/or keys on a regular basis (those two being locked out of the house while I'm away is a worry!).

But me? I'm nervous about how much I'm going to miss my baby boy! Oliver is my whole world. I might moan and whinge about how tiring motherhood is, but my days revolve around him; I love being his Mum. I'm going to miss his sleepy snuggles and tickles and ear to ear grins. I'm sure that once I've said my goodbyes and we're on the plane, I'll be wondering why I ever wrote this post and loving the chance to spend quality time with my good friends. But still - I don't have nerves of steel!

What was your experience the first time you left your little one?


  1. I still haven't gotten that far. We have the same problem... No one close enough to leave him with. Maybe this summer when my mom comes to visit. Have a blast! Vegas is so fun!

  2. Oh that is sweet picture. Sounds like sweet Oliver will be in good hands! You deserve a little time for yourself too. We left Patrick a few months back for the first time for two nights... and it was so tough to leave, but so exciting when we got back. The brief time apart will make it all the more sweet when you come back to him. Enjoy Vegas!

  3. Have a great time! It will feel so so strange at first, but make sure you relax and make the most of it! And the best part is coming home and getting the cuddles and kisses. Enjoy! x

  4. Ohhhh SO SO jealous. Sounds like a wonderful time away. Enjoy it GUILT free! I'm sure you more than deserve it! Feeling a little jealous actually! lol

  5. We're in the same situation... family overseas, so no one to leave Judah with. The longest I've been away from him is 3 or 4 hours! He is still nursing (several times a night!) so I know it would be impossible to leave him overnight in the near future, and I KNOW I will be a complete nervous wreck when I finally do leave him overnight... but a girl can dream!
    You will have a blast!

  6. Love the picture.

    I still haven't left AOI alone with any one other than her daddy for more the two hours.

    friends offer to take care of her but I am so scared to take up their offer but I will do soon enough because hubby and I need to go on some dates

  7. The first time, it was just benjamin & matthew. They were 3 and 2. I went to australia for 6 days. Andre took them on a holiday to centreparcs with his parents and they were spoiled rotten! and when I got back matthew was completely potty trained! bonus! This time, I will be leaving jonte behind and going to australia for 2 1/2 weeks. A bit more worried about this one, cause he has only been away from me for 1 night before, and was super clingy for about a week afterwards. Anyhow, he will survive. Its really totally fine for them, its just a big worry for the mummy! but enjoy yourself, don't waste your time worrying over something you won't be able to do anything about being miles and miles away, that will just ruin it and you may as well not have gone then! hey, maybe you'll get back and mitch will have cracked the potty training too!!!

  8. my husband and I got away for a night over Christmas (grandparents watched) and in march I'm going away for the weekend with girls from my small group. A whole daddy weekend--I'm nervous too! have a great time!

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  10. oh how fun! I am so long overdue for a break, a girls weekend in Vegas sounds sooo nice!! I have such a hard time leaving my babies too, they've all been 18mo before I could leave them overnight. I think it's hardest on us though, I worried about them a lot and they had fun :)

  11. Eeek! I understand how you feel completely!
    The first time I'll leave my almost-two-year-old will be in April when I give birth to his sister at the hospital! And I feel just as nervous about it as you do leaving your little one for the weekend!
    I love that photo of the two of you sleeping...for the longest time, my son would ONLY nap with somebody. Now, he will only nap in his crib. A good thing, but it makes me sad...I sure do miss that sweet little face sleeping next to mine! :)


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