Thursday, February 7, 2013

Never say never

Before I became a Mum, I had some pretty definite ideas about how I'd mother. I hate to say it, but I'd look at Mums (that I knew or even complete strangers) and disapprovingly tsk-tsk to myself, thinking oh I'll NEVER do that when I have kids! Because, you know - you're just such an expert when you're not a parent ;-) Since becoming a Mum however, I've discovered that I should never say never - where do I begin...

My baby will never have a dummy. 
Then: Why would I give my kid a dummy? It looks ridiculous when you see a 3 year old walking around with one hanging out their mouth, why would I want to go down that path?
Now: When your day old baby is being poked and prodded for over half an hour by multiple doctors who can't get an IV into his tiny veins, and you're so unwell from complications from the birth you are forced to lay on your back, metres away, helpless, and a nurse offers to give him a dummy (pacifier) to comfort him you cry out YES! I did what it took to comfort my baby in that moment and well, once he had it once... It was just all too easy to keep going. It was a lifesaver on 24 hour plane trips and although dummy weaning is an experience I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, I don't regret giving one to Oliver.

Co-sleeping? I'll never share my bed!
Then: Our bed is sacred. I value my space. Our kids will NEVER sleep with us, that's what a cot is for!
Now: When your toddler is waking up every couple of hours crying cuddle-cuddle-cuddle and you're both exhausted and can't figure out why they sleep worse then what they did as a newborn, you do what you gotta do. And sometimes that means getting the kiddo snuggled up in between us so we can all get some sleep. I don't appreciate being woken up by a certain little someone pulling my hair at 6am but I do love the snuggles and smiles I am greeted with when I finally open my eyes :-)

My kid will never, ever (EVER) eat fast food.
Then: Fast food is sooooo unhealthy. My child will only eat nutritious, homemade meals that are preferably organic.
Now: It's road trip time. Toddler is tired being stuck in the car. McDonalds has playgrounds. And free wifi. Need I say any more?

TV before 2? Never!
Then: What need is there to expose your child to television before age 2? Surely it's not that hard to stick to what all the research suggests and entertain your child otherwise. Just do some craft. Ride a trike. Play pat-a-cake. Sing happy songs.
Now: It's 5.00pm. The whiney hour is barely half over. I'm attempting to cook dinner with a cranky toddler trying to twist the gas knobs on the stove. Toddler claps his hands over his ears and glares at me when I burst into yet another verse of the wheels on the bus. Switch on Bob the Builder and cranky toddler starts laughing and smiling. Problem solved (we did *somehow* manage to wait til 16 months before he realised what the TV was for. I respect what the literature says but I am telling myself that 10mins of Bob here and there for my sanity isn't going to ruin him).

My kid will never join me in the bathroom. 
Then: Why, oh why don't you just shut the door? It's not that hard. You can have your privacy, just lock 'em out.
Now: My toddler can open doors. There is no such thing as privacy. And prior to him opening doors, if I was having a loo stop and the door was shut, he'd just bang his head violently on the door and scream til it was opened. I can't remember the last time I went to the toilet in peace. Nowadays, Oliver trots in there after me and reverses himself into 'his' spot (the shower ledge) and proceeds to blow raspberries on my legs. It's so fun. Not.

Tell me I'm not alone here - did you also have to change your expectations after having children?

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  1. o girl...yes. you are so right. i always said my baby will never run around in his diaper...haha pretty sure Ty (my 2 year old) is going through the I like to undress myself stage and I am way to tired to dress him ten times a often enough he is sporting just the diaper!!!

  2. Ha, this made me laugh! I can totally relate to these. I think most moms regret spouting off about the things they'd "never" do!

  3. Hahaha totally agree with all your points! Dummy is a life-saver, it really is. :D

  4. Totally agree! I find myself doing things that I had sworn I would never, ever do.

  5. :) my kids were never going to have juice. But a.splash sure helps them drink all their water

  6. I don't have any children yet but this made me laugh! Maybe I will remember this when my turn to be a mom comes.
    I'm a new follower from the Almost Friday blog hop.

    Mariely @ Sensational Creations

  7. I pretty much agree with all of those! I'm also an expat/mom blogger. :) found you on the almost Friday hop. :) can't wait to read more.

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  9. I have to agree. I never thought I'd sleep with baby in bed but it's a lot easier when breastfeeding. We are going to be moving her to her crib I believe next week when the teething covers come in. I had to special order those damn things!

  10. Yes, yes, yes! Oh to all the things I said I'd never do..."never say never is truly the best policy! Visiting today from the Mommy Brain Mixer!

  11. I totally agree with all of these! Especially t.v., that box has saved me quite a few times!
    Here's a couple more:
    My child will not eat off the floor. Now, they spot food on the floor and they are vultures diving in for prey. Pretty embarassing. I just shrug my shoulders and tell the adult that is giving me 'the look' "Hey its strengthening their immune system."
    Great list!

  12. HAHAHAHA! The bathroom one cracks me up! I swear he can be playing with toys in the other room, and the second I have to go, he takes that as an invitation to come with me.

    We said we wouldn't cosleep either..that went out the window the first night we were home! So much easier when you're breastfeeding to just nurse him and go right back to sleep!

  13. These are some interesting and true observations. The t.v. has been a lifesaver for us at times and I don't feel that it has stunted our daughter's development at all. In fact, her vocabulary is quite advanced for her age and she has learned some of those words from television.

  14. Had to laugh about the bathroom. My baby loves to try to crawl in with me there. It's even more gross though, here in Costa Rica where plumbing is bad, so all tp goes into a trashcan---a real temptation for baby hands. Ick! I definitely am not nearly as much of a clean freak as I'd expected to be as a mom. My husband and I both were 100% anti co-sleeping in the beginning. Now, I can safely say we'd both love to take an afternoon cuddle nap with our baby, but she's completely anti-cuddle. Bummer. I like your new blog design!


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